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Embroidery – Why Should You Choose It?

Each printing method has its benefits. Screen printing is beneficial for large orders; it’s more cost and time effective. Heat transfer and vinyl are ideal for smaller orders or low budgets, and a suitable choice for sportswear.

But what about embroidery? What are the benefits of choosing embroidery over screen printing, heat transfer and vinyl cut?

 Embroidery uses a different method for customising t-shirts and other apparel. As you’re probably aware, the technique of embroidery involves stitching the design. As it’s a needle and thread job, the quality of the attire must be high, and the material ideally needs to be dense.

Cotton is a favourable and recommended choice, specifically polo shirts. The main reason for using thicker materials is because it can handle the pulling from the stitching, reducing damage, i.e. holes. So, unfortunately, polyester isn’t recommended.

The turnaround for completing polo shirt embroidery is short, and Buytshirtsonline generally completes the order within seven days. How is it done so quick? We have state-of-the-art machinery that does it all. Unfortunately, we don’t have someone available to do the stitching by hand, but we do have a specialist team who can professionally embroider onto garments of your choice and have a keen eye for detail.

Choosing to embroider on a polo shirt or another piece of clothing that has a similar quality and thickness, looks more professional and attractive. Polo-shirt embroidery is popular amongst businesses wanting to customise work uniform or create personalised workwear for events.

Another key benefit of polo t-shirt embroidery is durability, meaning its long-lasting and won’t fade away with washes or overtime. Again, making this t-shirt printing method the perfect and favourable choice for corporate and work uniform.

While embroidery is more costly compared to screen printing, heat transfer and vinyl cut, it’s reflected in the quality and resilience.

Of course, embroidery isn’t restricted to just workwear. If you wanted to stand out and create custom t-shirts for hen or stag party, or another personal event or occasion, embroidery is still a valuable t-shirt printing option.

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