Back To School With Quadra

Thousands of children have been accompanied throughout their education by a trusty Quadra school bag. From primary school favourites such as the QD452 Enhanced-Viz Book Bag and QD463 Premium Book Bag, through to seciondary education stalwarts, including the practical and spacious QD425 Student Backpack, and onto further and higher education with the fashionable QD465 Freestyle Messenger, Quadra has a bag for all ages and pupils at all stages of their educational career.

Quadra book bag

QD452 Book Bag

The QD452 and QD463 are perfectly sized and conceived for pupils in the early years of their education. The entry level QD452 takes Quadra’s usual combination of quality and functionality as its starting point, adds the signature flourescent binding, (complemented by an Enhanced-Viz reflective panel), and delivers the whole package at a super competitve price point. Conspicuous during both daytime and at night, the book bag increases pupil visability to traffic at all hours and in all conditions making it more than a simple schools carrying solution.

The QD452 book bag is available in six popular school colours – Bottle Green, Bright Royal, Burgundy, Classic Red, French Navyor Purple – each finished with Flourescent Yellow binding, plus a Rip-Strip closure, a pupil name cardholder, and webbing top handle.


For those seeking the ultimate primary school book bag, the QD463 is just the ticket. Taking the popular QD51 Junior Book Bag as its starting point, the QD463 adds a full height , front flap with twist lock closures, thats perfect for decoration, a handy zipped mesh pocket, and detachable adjustable webbing shoulder strap. The full height flap gives the bag more of a “grown up”, “messenger” feel, making it  a perfect choice for pupils who are moving up from the infants to the juniors. The bag doubles the QD51s 5-litre capacity, so it will easily accomodate all the school equipment required by any primary school child. Available in four colours, Bottle Green, Bright Red, bright Royal and French Navy, the QD463 is a modern school bag classic.

The latest addition to the Quadra School Essentials collection is the QD420 Junior Backpack. Launched in January 2014, the new style has already established itself as an instant favourite amonst youngerbag fans and Quadra is stocking up in the expectation that sales will increase sharply as the new academic year approaches. The new QD420 comes in four colourways- Bottle Green, Bright Royal, Classic Red, and French Navy. The bag measures 28 x 36 x 13cm and like all Quadra School essentials products it is specifically designed for ease of decoration.QD420

A school bag is a childs constant companion during the school week: Quadra’s School Essential Products are designed to appeal to school, parents and pupils alike and the ultimate add-on to our customers school uniform sales. If you would like any of our quadra bags supplied with a school logo please call us on 01928579951 option 2.

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