Charity T-Shirts: Making a bigger Splash

If you’re planning to do a fun run, marathon or extreme endurance event, there’s a good chance you’ll use the opportunity to raise some money for your favourite charity (although more often than not it’s the other way round). It’s important to get your clothing right on such an event.

First, you need to make sure the clothing itself is appropriate for the event. If you’re entering a run in the depths of winter, you’re probably going to need to go with a long-sleeve shirt, possibly layering up so you can remove a layer when the exercise starts to get you warmer. For most runs, a simple T-shirt will do the job, keeping you covered up and protecting your shoulders from sunburn, but also being light enough to let the air cool you. Most professional athletes wear a very light vest, which is a good idea for elite sports where fractions of seconds matter, but for most of us it will be surplus to requirements.

Material benefits

It’s generally not considered ideal to wear a cotton T-shirt on a long run. Your sweat will soak into it and make it heavy and abrasive. Nylon T-shirts are generally better here, as they don’t get damp.

Publicise your charity!

If you’re running for charity, it’s a great idea to have a specially printed T-shirt for the event. Often, charities themselves will supply branded T-shirts, but there’s no reason why you can’t design your own and let a printer like Buy T-Shirts Online make it. This is the best option if you want a personal message – maybe you’re running in somebody’s memory or perhaps you have a witty quip you can print to raise a few smiles. It’s also a great way to get coverage in the press and on TV, which will work wonders for raising awareness of your chosen cause.

When it isn’t sport

Of course, not all charity events mean physical exertion. There are charity cake-baking marathons, sewing bees, computer hackathons, baked bean bathing and any other possible trial the human mind can dream up. But the same rules apply – choose the right type of T-shirt in the right colour, get it branded up with a prominent message about the charity and get yourself – and more importantly your charity – noticed.

Kit out your team

It’s not always just you performing your amazing feats for charity. Quite often there are tens, hundreds or thousands of you doing the same event, and there’s no better way to drive home your message than to have every single one of you dressed in the same style of tee. We offer the perfect service on this front, because we don’t charge extra for delivering a range of sizes and styles, so send a form round entrants and ask them to state their preferred size, send the list to us and we’ll do the rest!


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