Soft Shell Jackets

Welcome to a product that is all things to all people.

Welcome to the wonderful world of soft-shell.

So what is a ‘soft-shell’? I hear you cry Is it a bird? Is it an 80’s fancy dress outfit? Is it a crab? Well you won’t be surprised to hear, it is none of the above. In fact a ‘soft-shell’ is a type of lightweight jacket that is constructed from a woven material in contrast to the stiffer material of a hard-shell (or waterproof) jacket. Specifically designed to bridge the gap between a fleece and a waterproof jacket, a soft-shell does not have a lining, instead it is made by bonding two layers of fabric together.

Historically, soft-shell products were deemed unusable to the promotional and workwear markets, as although they offered a multitude of benefits due to their practicality for outdoor use, they always had one major let down- they were unprintable.

The technically advanced nature of their composite materials caused print colour to bleed after a few days and let’s face it who wants a blurry logo emblazoned on their back? This defect resulted in soft-shells having to be embroidered in order to be personalised which significantly increased the cost of the jacket – and the unpopularity of the product.

Well, now it’s time to rejoice (and especially if you work in the promo business) because brands such as Result have made a major breakthrough. Through simplifying their soft-shell products mechanically, chemically and design wise, they have changed the way the layers are bonded and the yarns are knitted, resulting in a product that contains inherent stretch without the need for elastane (which has an adverse effect on the print process).

As Buytshirtsonline have now perfected the art of printing on soft-shells the need for expensive embroidery has been eradicated making them THE product of choice for the workwear, corporate and promo markets.

Basically, the soft-shell is back and back with a vengeance!

Here’s a few other benefits of soft-shell jackets:


For activities such as climbing, fair weather hiking and cycling where you need a lightweight jacket, a stretch-woven softshell jacket is ideal. Featuring a quick dry outer layer and a fleece lined inner layer for extra warmth, the Spiro Women’s Soft-Shell Jacket is designed for sporting activities where breathability is a major factor.

If it’s warmth you’re after then the more robust Storm tech Axis Jacket with Fibreloft Insulation is perfectly designed for the great outdoors. Made from a durable, soft-feel polyester dobby with a polyfill warm lining, this insulated jacket guarantees to help protect the wearer from the worst of the elements.


With the launch of Result’s new range of printable soft-shell jackets, the days of having to use expensive embroidery to personalise garments are over.

This new range of technologically advanced printable soft-shell jackets and bodywarmers offers crystal clear printing options and as Buytshirtsonline are one of the first suppliers to perfect the art of printing on these innovative products customers can now benefit from significantly reduced personalisation costs, without compromising on quality.


Offering quick turnaround on all printing and embroidery needs, ordering from Buytshirtsonline could not be easier. So whether it’s an urgent repeat order of staff gilets for an outdoor event or bespoke printed jackets for a concert, soft-shells are an ideal and cost effective option. As Buytshirtsonline also digitise artwork and designs, they can be kept on file to be used again and again should extra orders be needed quickly.


With unlimited colours and styles to choose from, soft-shell products are perfect for a wide range of purposes ranging from smart staff uniforms to performance jackets for a sports team. Their stretchy material offers a good range of movement whilst the tighter fit helps to retain heat.

The shorter fit and style also makes jackets such as the The Portwest Oregon Soft-Shell a popular choice for a casual everyday jacket. Featuring on-trend styling and a handy zipped mobile phone pocket, this water resistant jacket is ideal for day-to-day use.


As soft-shells lend themselves perfectly to both printing and embroidery, they offer endless personalisation possibilities for the workwear market. The Russell Europe Women’s Smart Soft-Shell Jacket makes a smart and polished uniform option for the indoor workplace such as a supermarket, whilst the Result Safety Padded Softshell Blouson is designed to protect from all weathers all year round. Not only is it water repellent, windproof and breathable, it features a handy concealed hood hidden inside the collar and a quilted lining made from a warm micro fibre fleece.


Soft-shells are more breathable, less water and wind resistant, more flexible, and generally more durable than hard-shell materials, and more protective than fleece. Soft-shells have a wide range of performance benefits and are ideal for activities ranging from climbing and mountaineering in changeable weather conditions to outdoor aerobic activities.

As they are now also perfect for printing on, soft-shells really are the product of choice for the sportswear, workwear and promo markets.

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