Buytshirtsonline joins the Living Wage scheme.

Pioneering a Fairer Wage Future


Buy Tshirts Online joins the Living Wage scheme.


Buy Tshirts Online are proud to announce that we have joined the Living Wage Foundation, helping pioneer fair wages within the printing industry.


As a business that has always had employee welfare and interests at heart, Buytshirtsonline 18 employees are still paid more than the Living Wage. Currently, this is £8.75 per hour (£1.25  more than the National Living Wage) but joining the foundation is an official symbol of the company’s commitment to helping provide a more ethical and responsible future for all within the printing industry.


Established in 2001, the Living Wage Foundation was created to combat the problem of the National Minimum Wage not covering what people needed to get by. For example, it did not take into consideration place of residence (the cost of living in London is much higher than anywhere else in the UK) and did not account for other necessary day-to-day living costs incurred by families, single parents and those who may be in precarious financial situations. Although the government introduced a higher National Minimum Wage in 2016, it still did not fully recognise realistic living costs, leaving millions of people across the UK still struggling to pay bills, heat their homes and clothe their children.


Buy Tshirts Online MD Gary Firth says:


“By paying the real Living Wage, Buy Tshirts Online are voluntarily taking a stand to ensure that our employees earn a wage which has been independently calculated and is enough for them to live comfortably on. We believe that a good day’s work should be rewarded with a fair day’s pay and that basic fairness is also at the heart of what the Living Wage campaign is trying to achieve.”

 Our employee’s interests are paramount; at the end of the day, they are what makes the business function! Unfortunately, in this industry, there is a widespread problem with unfair wage structures throughout the supply chain, and sweatshops and unethical working conditions are rife.

As a well-established and respected business, Buy Tshirts Online does not need to cut corners when it comes to production, customer service or employee wages. To deliver a quality service that ensures our customers return, we need to have happy and content staff who will go the extra mile for the company, and we are passionate about providing this dedication is rewarded with fair pay.

 We hope that other businesses will join us in implementing the Living Wage. It’s such an important initiative, and if it’s rolled out further, we can help protect all employees in the supply chain from further financial abuse while safeguarding the ethical future of the printing industry.”

Buytshirtsonline will be joining over 3500 other businesses who have voluntarily signed up to commit to the Living Wage. A recent study conducted in London showed that 80% of employers believed it enhanced the quality of their employee’s work and reduced

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