The most fashionable types of women’s t-shirts and how to style them

Though often considered basic, the noble t-shirt is anything but. It is the backbone of every woman’s wardrobe, the item we first reach for when the wash cycle is complete, and a reliable go-to that ties outfits together effortlessly. 

However, with so many types of women’s t-shirts available, choosing the best t-shirt for you is a challenging task. There are endless necklines, fabrics, and fit options, not to mention the army of clothing brands that offer bespoke t-shirt styles to suit every occasion and activity. 

Of course, most of us don’t have space to accommodate one of every tee – so it’s important to make your closet space count. That’s why we’ve provided the lowdown on the best types of women’s t-shirts, including how to tell your crew necks from your raglans to the best t-shirt brands to look out for!

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Table of contents:

  1. How to choose the best t-shirt style for you
  2. Types of women’s t-shirts
  3. Types of t-shirt sleeves
  4. T-shirt fits
  5. Custom t-shirts at BuyTshirtsOnline

How to choose the best t-shirt style for you

They may be humble garments; however, their versatility and style potential render ladies’ t-shirts paramount wardrobe must-haves. 

But shopping for t-shirts is no easy task; with so many types of women’s t-shirts available, choosing the best style to suit you can be difficult. 

Below, we’ve covered the three main factors to help you choose.


From v-necks to round necks and everything in between, there are various t-shirt necklines to choose from, all of which can be styled in multiple ways to suit many looks.  


Like men’s t-shirts, women’s t-shirts come in a range of cuts, including oversized, fitted, and boxy-shaped t-shirts. Whether you want to create a laid-back or put-together look, there’s a ladies’ t-shirt fit to suit!


Choosing the right fabric for your t-shirt is just as important as the shape and fit. That’s why at BuyTshirtsOnline, we offer wholesale cotton, poly-cotton, polyester, and organic ladies’ t-shirts in a wide choice of colours, so we’re confident you’ll find a style to suit you.

A rack of different t-shirt colours, including bright red, orange, yellow, and green t-shirts

Types of women’s t-shirts: The main contenders

Style trends come and go, but these three types of women’s t-shirts have proven they’re here to stay. What are they, and why should you shop for them? Read on. 

Crew neck t-shirts

Crew neck t-shirts feature round necklines with no collar. As timeless as versatile, they effortlessly accentuate the wearers’ neck and shoulders, making them one of the most popular t-shirt styles for men and women.

You can style crew neck t-shirts with almost every other garment in your wardrobe: Throw over jeans or a skirt for understated glamour or under an oversized blazer for up-to-the-minute styling. You can layer them under our ladies’ zip-through hoodies, perfect for running errands and weekend get-togethers!

Plain pink wholesale crew neck t-shirt

Fruit of the Loom Lady-Fit Value Weight

V-neck t-shirts

The ladies’ v-neck t-shirt offers endless style options. Featuring a plunging neckline that is as classic as classy, it effortlessly accentuates the wearer’s neck and collar bones and flatters a wide range of body shapes and sizes. 

Style with your existing wardrobe to create an array of on-trend outfits, including chic sporting looks, sophisticated ensembles, and laid-back lounge fits. Our v-neck tops come in an impressive choice of colours and layer beautifully under our ladies’ pull-over sweatshirts!

Plain pink wholesale crew neck t-shirt

Gildan Softstyle® women’s v-neck t-shirt

Polo t-shirts

Polo shirts, also known as golf or tennis shirts, have long been a popular t-shirt style. Steeped in style, they are renowned for their chic collars and button-up necklines and are suitable for occasions of all kinds. Moreover, their sleek, professional styling makes ladies’ polo t-shirts popular among brands and businesses.

Shopping for your brand or business? At BuyTshirtsOnline, you can mix and match sizes and colours across all of our t-shirt styles, so you can easily kit out every team member with t-shirts that make them look as good as they feel.

Burgundy wholesale polo t-shirt

Fruit of the Loom Women’s 65/35 Polo Shirt

Types of t-shirt sleeves

Sleeve length is one of the most important features of a flattering and functional t-shirt. There are long sleeves, short sleeves and a range of options in between. However, the best choice for you largely comes down to personal preference.

Short sleeve ladies’ t-shirts

Short sleeve t-shirts are characterised by their short sleeve design capped at the shoulder. They are perfect for every season, style, and activity and are one of the most flattering types of women’s t-shirts.

Long-sleeve ladies t-shirts

Long sleeve ladies’ t-shirts come in various designs, including cuffed and non-cuffed sleeves. Our collection offers long-sleeve t-shirts in multiple colours, including those with breathable, sporty fabrics and baseball-style long-sleeve tops.

Plain yellow wholesale long sleeve t-shirt with a round neckline

AWDIS JUST COOL Girlie long sleeve cool T

Raglan sleeve t-shirts

Raglan tees are universal t-shirt styles. They feature sleeves that extend to the neckline and are traditionally a different colour from the rest of the t-shirt.

White long sleeve t-shirt with contrasting black raglan sleeves

SKINNIFIT Women’s long sleeve baseball t-shirt

T-shirt fits

T-shirts are renowned for their versatility, effortless style, and comfort. They come in various fits, so whether you’re styling a laid-back lounge look or a more elevated ensemble, there’s a style to suit.

Ladies fitted t-shirts

Fitted women’s t-shirts are as flattering as fashionable. They naturally sit close to the skin, accentuating the wearer’s shape and silhouette and allowing for a truly feminine look.

You can dress fitted t-shirts up or down to suit many looks and occasions. Pair with a skirt and sandals for effortlessly chic fashion, or over trousers for a refined, sophisticated look.

Relaxed fit t-shirts for women

Renowned for their exceptional comfort, relaxed fit women’s t-shirts are at the forefront of fashion. Also known as oversized ladies’ t-shirts or boxy women’s t-shirts, they are looser than a regular fit and allow easy movement. 

Relaxed fit t-shirts come in various shapes and sizes, and you can opt for both looser and more subtle relaxed fits, depending on your preference. Pair with a beanie for a relaxed skater look or skinny jeans to accentuate its design. 

Looking for more relaxed styles? At BuyTshirtsOnline, we cater to a wide range of sizes, so you can easily size up or down, depending on your preference. We also offer wholesale plus-sized ladies’ clothing, so there’s something for everyone in our collection.

Rack of t-shirts

Custom t-shirts at BuyTshirtsOnline

Ladies’ t-shirts are an undeniable fashion staple. You can style them in endless ways to create a wide range of looks and with many garments to suit various activities and levels of formality. 

With so many types of women’s t-shirts, choosing the best t-shirt style for you is challenging. There are several factors to consider, including neckline, sleeve length, shape, and fabric. 

However, once you’ve identified the best t-shirt for your wardrobe, the style options are endless!

At BuyTshirtsOnline, we offer various types of women’s t-shirts for you to shop, so whether you want to update your basics with a new black or white ladies’ t-shirt or something more colourful, you’ll be spoilt for choice with our collection. 

Or, if you’re looking for a more bespoke t-shirt design, you can personalise our wholesale t-shirts with our high-tech t-shirt printing service. Combining the latest fabric technologies with expert craftsmanship, our custom wholesale t-shirts are the perfect way to bring your t-shirt designs to life, whether it’s a professional brand logo, staff names, or initials!

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