Buytshirtsonline joins the Living Wage scheme.

Pioneering a Fairer Wage Future   Buy Tshirts Online joins the Living Wage scheme.   Buy Tshirts Online are proud to announce that we have joined the Living Wage Foundation, helping pioneer fair wages within the printing industry.   As a business that has always had employee welfare and interests at heart, Buytshirtsonline 18 employees are still paid more than the Living Wage. Currently, this is £8.75 per hour (£1.25  more than the National Living Wage) but joining the foundation is an official symbol of the company’s commitment to helping... Read More

Stad and Hen dos are changing 13/10/2016

Stag and Hen Parties Ain’t What they Used to Be

We all know what happens on stag and hen parties – drunken depravity, ritual humiliation and guilty secrets to be kept from partners. Yet it was only a generation or two ago that the stag or hen night was a few drinks at the local the night before the wedding. The n things started to get a bit crazier and more complicated until we reached the point where we’re expected to visit far-flung cities, engage in physical activities and spend several days away from home. All of this means that... Read More


Stag Dos (and Don’ts)

The stag do is a great British institution, but its evolution over the past twenty years has been unbelievable. Up until the late 1990s, a stag do probably involved a spot of debauchery, ritual humiliation and overindulgence in the local pub or nightclub, with friends, colleagues and fathers of the happy couple in tow. But then something happened. Budget airlines made it possible to have the do anywhere in Europe, and a few cities, particularly those in the old Eastern Bloc, became hot spots. The bar was raised and stag... Read More

How to Start a T-Shirt Business 20/02/2015

How to Start a T-Shirt Business

Anyone with an inkjet printer can put a design on a T-shirt. You can buy individual sheets of A4 paper onto which you print the image, and then you use heat (usually a normal domestic iron) to apply the image to the t-shirt. Thousands of people do this every day. But some of them might be inspired to take things further and form their businesses selling T-shirts online, at fairs or events, via mail order or for a particular group of customers. It might be to supplement an existing income,... Read More


New Printing Methods

We are pleased to announce we are now offering direct to garment t-shirt printing and transfer t-shirt printing. One of the benefits of this service is you can order this with no minimum order and no set up fees. Please see our t-shirt printing page for a full price guide and more details.