Buytshirtsonline joins the Living Wage scheme.

Pioneering a Fairer Wage Future   Buy Tshirts Online joins the Living Wage scheme.   Buy Tshirts Online are proud to announce that we have joined the Living Wage Foundation, helping pioneer fair wages within the printing industry.   As a business that has always had employee welfare and interests at heart, Buytshirtsonline 18 employees are still paid more than the Living Wage. Currently, this is £8.75 per hour (£1.25  more than the National Living Wage) but joining the foundation is an official symbol of the company’s commitment to helping... Read More


Soft Shell Jackets

Welcome to a product that is all things to all people. Welcome to the wonderful world of soft-shell. So what is a ‘soft-shell’? I hear you cry Is it a bird? Is it an 80’s fancy dress outfit? Is it a crab? Well you won’t be surprised to hear, it is none of the above. In fact a ‘soft-shell’ is a type of lightweight jacket that is constructed from a woven material in contrast to the stiffer material of a hard-shell (or waterproof) jacket. Specifically designed to bridge the gap... Read More

Stad and Hen dos are changing 13/10/2016

Stag and Hen Parties Ain’t What they Used to Be

We all know what happens on stag and hen parties – drunken depravity, ritual humiliation and guilty secrets to be kept from partners. Yet it was only a generation or two ago that the stag or hen night was a few drinks at the local the night before the wedding. The n things started to get a bit crazier and more complicated until we reached the point where we’re expected to visit far-flung cities, engage in physical activities and spend several days away from home. All of this means that... Read More


Stag Dos (and Don’ts)

The stag do is a great British institution, but its evolution over the past twenty years has been unbelievable. Up until the late 1990s, a stag do probably involved a spot of debauchery, ritual humiliation and overindulgence in the local pub or nightclub, with friends, colleagues and fathers of the happy couple in tow. But then something happened. Budget airlines made it possible to have the do anywhere in Europe, and a few cities, particularly those in the old Eastern Bloc, became hot spots. The bar was raised and stag... Read More


Charity T-Shirts: Making a bigger Splash

If you’re planning to do a fun run, marathon or extreme endurance event, there’s a good chance you’ll use the opportunity to raise some money for your favourite charity (although more often than not it’s the other way round). It’s important to get your clothing right on such an event. First, you need to make sure the clothing itself is appropriate for the event. If you’re entering a run in the depths of winter, you’re probably going to need to go with a long-sleeve shirt, possibly layering up so you... Read More


Get Ready For A Summer Of Sport

This summer is packed out with sporting events. From the Commonwealth games in Glasgow to the World Cup in Brazil. Here we have a summary of our most popular performance t-shirts and sportswear which are easily decorated to put your team at the top of the league. Gildan Performance The comfort and capabilities of Gildan Performance t-shirts come in 4 basic styles with more to be added later in 2014 and at a price that enables you or your customers to achieve a quality decorated garment for under £4.00 which... Read More

Tagless T-Shirt Printing 18/03/2014

Tagless Screen Printing Now Available

We are proud to announce the arrival of our new ASPE tagless sceen printing machine. We can now offer tagless label printing in the back neck of garments to give your order that branded proffesional look. We would recommend the new Stars by Stedman range for the process of label printing. These products all come woth no brand label and just a small size tag off to oneside in the neck line, this allows a tagless label to be printed without any obstructions. Having your t-shirts branded with your logo... Read More


Fruit Of The Loom Light Weight Sweats

Fruit of the Loom have introduced a range of light weight sweats for 2014.  All products are made with 240gm/m² belcro yarn which make them ideal for warm weather events. If you would like any of our products supplied screen printing or embroidered please call us on 01928579952 option 2. Or fill in our online quotation form here.