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Best t-shirts for printing

How to choose the best t-shirts to print on?

With every unique t-shirt printing order at Buytshirts online, you can rest assured that you will always receive the best t-shirts for printing. Here, we’ll explore the best t-shirts for printing in our top three categories which are Promotional, Workwear, and Retail. 

From our extensive list of over 160 t-shirts, here are the selections of what we consider to be the best t-shirts for printing your bespoke design, logo, or text. For any unanswered questions, please feel free to contact us to speak to one of our team, who will be more than happy to help.

Promotional T-shirts


While not as durable as workwear and rebranding designs, promotional t-shirts are designed for short-term use for promotional advertisements, events, and marketing purposes. Promotional designs are the best t-shirts for printing if you want a budget-friendly option to get your message across to your customers. Click here to read more about our fantastic range of promotional t-shirts ready for printing.



Our workwear t-shirts are the best t-shirts for printing with a larger logo. However, for most uniforms consisting of a classic polo shirt or coloured shirt, we highly recommend embroidery as an alternative that is made to last. Either option will keep your team looking smart and ready to get the job done with the utmost quality. With popular brands like Dickies and Regatta, we have a plethora of choices for your workwear needs so check out the best workwear t-shirts for printing here.



There is now a large number of t-shirts that are available for rebranding and relabelling, that are suitable for the retail market. With tagless garments and label printing available, it's easy to create unique products that are ready for stores and online sellers. Find out more about the best t-shirts for printing for a relaunch and check out our guide on the best brands for budding businesses here.