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Wondering how you can make a T-shirt last longer? Get More Wears Out of Your T-Shirts Using These Tips.

Whether it’s a plain white tee, a vintage band shirt or a long sleeve polo, a favourite top is a thing of beauty, and the way it fits and looks can make it add up to more than the sum of its parts. Regardless of the fact it’s getting old or that it didn’t break the bank to buy, it can still supersede your newer and more expensive shirts and take pride of place in your wardrobe. But as with any item of clothing, the passage of time will take its toll. So, to extend its life for as long as possible, we have compiled a selection of handy tips for looking after your favourite tee.


Give It A Rest

As much as you want to wear it to every event or excursion, the simplest way to preserve a T-shirt is to wear it less frequently.

During the lay-off period, you must store it correctly. Don’t pack your wardrobe too tightly but give adequate space to each item to ensure it doesn’t lose its shape or suffer unnecessary wear and tear.

It’s also essential to make sure your T-shirt is protected against unwanted guests in the form of moths or household pests.  If you’re planning on giving your T-shirt an extra-long break, try storing it in a container that will keep it dry and fully protected from the elements.

Wash with Care

Many a T-shirt has come-a-cropper to poor washing machine practice.  To ensure your clothes don’t suffer the same fate, it's essential to master your laundry routine – or at least get the basics right!

For starters, consider a second wear before tossing a t-shirt in the washing basket. If you’ve only had it on for a couple of hours and avoided any major spillages, it’s probably going to be ok.

Use Stain Remover

If the worst-case scenario happens and you stain your T-shirt, try to address it immediately, especially If you’re dealing with a white T-shirt. The first step is to blot the stain quickly, soaking up any residue. Be careful not to rub or smear the stain and cause more damage.

Stretch the T-shirt out and pour cold water across the stain before covering it with salt. Add a stain-removing enzyme before you put it into the wash. This will go a long way to restoring your T-shirt to its former glories.

Don’t Shrink It!

T-shirts do not shrink themselves, so tread carefully! The main instigator of shrinkage when it comes to cotton is heat. Use a cold cycle, and a detergent specifically made for a cold wash. Always let your T-shirts dry naturally and avoid the tumble dryer. Be careful not to overheat if you use an iron on your shirt.

For more tips on how to look after your garments visit our Advice Hub where you’ll find a wide range of articles to read and enjoy. The common assumption is that cheaper T-Shirts such as Gildan and Fruit of the Loom will not last as long as costlier alternatives, however, if you know how to look after your tee, this is certainly not the case.