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T-Shirt Designs for Start-Ups

If you're starting a business and wondering about the best way to promote yourself to potential customers, branded t-shirts are a great way to get noticed! Below are some examples of companies who've found great success using this model.



The online data storage company Dropbox are known throughout the business world for their free, convenient, easy to use platform. But how did they come synonymous with online storage?

They utilise a tactile and exciting promotional campaign that focuses on getting people to try out saving files to their cloud services. This included distributing branded t-shirts which, despite their minimal aesthetic, helped t cement their iconic log into the minds of their customers. As a result, Dropbox has maintained steady growth since its inception and now boasts over 500 million users.

Mail Chimp

Anyone who has been working in marketing over the last decade is likely to be familiar with Mail Chimp. Their email newsletter platform is known for its easy to use interface and memorable branding.

Thanks to their marsupial mailman mascot, their promotional t-shirts did wonders for their brand. This endearing yet straightforward brand captures the attention and affection of customers immediately.


Lyft is an app-based taxi and delivery service that provides a similar service to Uber. Part of how they promoted themselves when launching their business was with great-looking merchandise and apparel.

The main takeaway from Lyft's approach for a new business owner is how vital a distinctive design is when creating a brand. Their pink moustache logo is simple to recreate and instantly identifiable!



Their London-based start-up focuses on providing a 5-star cleaning service via app-based technology, which allows customers to enquire and book cleaning services instantly. They can also customise the way their house is cleaned!

Their t-shirts are not necessarily to hand out to customers for promotional purposes. Instead, they are distributed to their staff who wear them whilst attending jobs. This makes them easy to identify and trust (a serious issue when letting people into your home) and gives a professional aura that other services do not have.

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