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Personalising T-Shirts, Everything You Need to Know

There’s no doubt about it that personalised t-shirts have always been popular, but over the last few years, the demand has significantly increased.

Long gone are the days when personalised clothing was predominately used for school uniforms, workwear, and sports teams. With more charitable sporting events such as the London Marathon, the Great Manchester Run and bespoke ones, and stag and hen parties, personalised t-shirts have never been more popular. There are different t-shirt printing techniques, which depend on the preferred style of apparel and the design. And no one wants their personalised clothing to be of poor quality, especially if there’s a personal attachment to it. Fortunately, Buytshirtsonline will advise on the best t-shirt printing technique, whether that’s embroidery or screen printing, and the type of clothing that is best suited.

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Choosing the Right Design for your Personalised T-Shirt

The first and most crucial aspect of any t-shirt personalisation is the design. The design is what people see and remember, whether that’s for those wearing the t-shirt or onlookers. So, the customisation must leave a positive and memorable impression. 

You also need to consider how you want the personalisation to appear on the t-shirt. Having a winning design is one thing, but it can cause mayhem and more work to get it right if it looks misplaced. The design cannot be offensive, and it must be interpreted correctly. If you’re unsure how others will perceive the personalisation, we advise getting an impartial opinion from someone who provides honest feedback. 

Remember, once you’ve sent the design over for your t-shirt printing, it’s too late. So, to avoid spending more on redoing the prints, spend a bit more time on getting the design right and how you want it to look on the t-shirt right.

Choosing the Right Clothing

Now you’ve chosen the design and type of t-shirt printing method, you need to decide on the style of clothing to customise. It’s easy to assume that you can successfully transfer a personalised design onto any garment. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case, and some people have been caught out. Buytshirtsonline will inform you if the t-shirt printing technique isn’t compatible with the clothing material you’ve chosen.

Polo shirts are perfect and most suitable for t-shirt embroidery, as the fabric is heavier and thicker and can endure the stitching process of a needle and thread pulling against this item of clothing. Standard cotton t-shirts and hoodies are also suitable for screen printing.

Polo Shirt Embroidery and Screen Printing – Which One to Choose?

Once you have the personalisation design nailed, you need to decide on which type of t-shirt printing is most suitable. There are different options available that Buytshirtsonline specialises in, including t-shirt embroidery and screen printing. Buytshirtsonline has created an article to help you decide which form of t-shirt printing is suited for your needs and clothing material. Click here to learn more.

If you have a large order, screen printing is ideal. Not only will it save you money and time, but it’s the recommended choice for large customised designs and perfect for printing photographs or detailed artwork, as screen printing machines use more colours to capture every element. It’s a popular choice for customised charity t-shirts, and hen and stag parties.

Embroidery offers a different style of customisation – stitching. While this technique takes longer compared to screen printing, embroidery provides more luxury and professionalism. Due to the stitching method, it adds a professional look, making it a perfect choice for workwear, school uniform and clothing. So, if you’re designing a personalised t-shirt that is for work purposes such as events or uniforms, or you want a design that is different to traditional t-shirt printing, embroidery could be what you’re looking for.

Please note, embroidery isn’t suitable for all clothing types, including standardised content t-shirts. Polo t-shirts are popular and recommended but speak to a member of our team for more information. 

If you have any questions regarding t-shirt personalisation, whether it’s how to design the customisation to the printing style and appropriate clothing, give Buytshirtsonline a call today 01928579951 or send us an email to You can also view our t-shirt printing gallery here for inspiration!

T-shirt printing personalisation has never been easier than with Buytshirtsonline.