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Price increases confirmed from April 1st.

Our suppliers have advised us that some of our brands will be increasing in price. This is due to several factors that are happening globally at the moment, including:

• Further increases in the cost of raw materials. The price of cotton has risen by almost 90% since its low in April 2020 and is now at its highest price since 2018. Polyester is rapidly increasing due to oil prices and demand.

 Since the U.K's withdrawal from the E.U, goods originating from outside the E.U and U.K are subject to tariffs when moved from the E.U to the U.K and vice versa.

• The rise of freight and container costs. Surging demand for goods and a shortage of empty containers at Asian ports have sent container-shipping costs rocketing. Since November, the cost of shipping a 40-foot container from Asia to Europe has risen more than three-fold, from around $2,200 to over $7,900. That can add 5% to the cost of goods alone.

Brands that will be facing price increases can be found here.

These changes will take effect from Thursday 1st April.

Please order before 4pm Wednesday 31st March to beat the price increase!