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protecting yourself when returning to work

 Following the latest Government guidelines regarding COVID-19 and the recent lockdown restrictions being lifted, it’s now required that everyone wears a face mask when visiting shops or using public transport. Those who don’t will be handed a £100 fine. Also, with businesses reopening, employers and employees will want to ensure the workplace environment is safe and staff are protected at all times from coming into contact with the virus.

Here at Buytshirtsonline, we have put measures in place following the guidelines, putting the safety of our employees at the forefront of what we do while ensuring your customised garments are created and delivered to you safely. In addition, our t-shirt printing machines are regularly cleaned to avoid contamination.

During these unpredictable times, we understand how important it is to protect ourselves, family, friends, and employees from the virus, which is why we have introduced a range of personal protective wear. 

How To Protect Yourself at Work

You can take various steps to protect yourself and colleagues at work, with regular hand washing and wearing face masks being the main ones. Hand sanitiser and face masks were hard to find earlier in the year, but they are critical to your safety and those around you. With the latest Government update making it compulsory to wear face masks in shops and public transport, plus the increasing demand for ensuring regular hand sanitiser gels to use, Buytshirtsonline has both available to buy in bulk, which we advise doing before the stock becomes limited.

We have a variety of face masks available to bulk-buy in packs of 50 more, including medical and fashionable ones, perfect for businesses and ensuring visitors are handed one to wear. Buying face masks in bulk is always an excellent way to ensure your staff have one available if they have to commute via public transport. In addition, it puts less pressure on them to find and buy some.

Hand gel sanitisers are also available to buy in bulk, and whether you need one bottle, 24 or 72, it’s always handy to have spare available, as they will get used up quickly. We advise having a bottle by the entrance and exit door, kitchen, toilets, staff room, and on desks with hand gels.

We also have medical examination gloves, antibacterial wipes, and face shields available to buy.

There are multiple ways to protect yourself, employees, and visitors at work, but you must listen and obey the Government’s guidelines. For more information on how to protect yourself when returning to work, visit

If you have any questions about Buytshirtsonline and our latest safety regulations, please feel free to contact us today at or on 01928 579 951.