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T-Shirt Printing


There are various t-shirt printing techniques, including embroidery and screen printing, but the one you choose all depends on what you want from the customisation and clothing style. Embroidery is more suited for workwear. Screen printing is usually used for promotional events.


Screen Printing is probably the most popular t-shirt printing method for customising garments. Often referred to as silk screen printing, this technique dates back to the Song Dynasty, between 960-1279AD.

Two reasons for its popularity are that screen printing is more cost-effective and time-efficient than other t-shirt printing techniques such as embroidery. As a result, it's the ideal choice for bulk buying or one-off events, and it suits all clothing customisation needs. Screen printing is perfect for the job for those looking to customise a large design on garments such as t-shirts. The same also applies to intricate designs such as transferring photographic images or artwork to a clothing item, as the silk screen printing machine requires the usage of more colour to capture every detail. So, whether you want to personalise charity t-shirts or hen and stag parties tees, silk screen printing is the most suitable and fantastic way to stand out.

Please check out our Screen Printing page or contact Buytshirtsonline for more info.


Embroidery is a stitching method to customise garments, leaving a long-lasting effect; this is one of the reasons why choosing embroidery is the better option. At Buytshirtsonline, we have a skilled embroidery team who can hand-stitch designs onto clothing. We also have innovative digital embroidery machines that can do the job much quicker. In addition, our embroidery machines are state-of-the-art and can recreate traditional stitching visuals.

Compared to traditional screen printing, embroidery is more durable, meaning your garments have a longer shelf life, which is particularly important when putting your customised clothing through multiple washes. In addition, embroidery adds an extra element of professionalism to your clothing, and it's a popular option for customising workwear or school uniform. Polo t-shirts are excellent and our recommended choice of apparel for adding embroidery; at Buytshirtsonline, we have a vast range of wholesale polo t-shirts for you to choose from! Read our 'Why Embroider Polo Shirts?' article here for more on why polo t-shirts are perfect for embroidery.

For more info on Embroidery, please check out our Embroidery page or contact Buytshirtsonline for more.

what materials should i use for the different t-shirt printing methods?

While all materials are suitable, we recommend certain garments for specific t-shirt printing needs to ensure you get the highest quality of service from us and customisation designs that last. Standard cotton t-shirts and hoodies are widely used for screen printing, and here at Buytshirtsonline, we have a vast range of colours, styles and brands to choose from, including Fruit of the Loom and AWDis Just Hoods.

For embroidery, polo t-shirts would be our first choice. Not only is the material more sustainable, but it adds a cleaner, more professional look compared to a standard crew or v-neck shirt. Unfortunately, polyester, silk, and thin materials aren't suitable for embroidery.

For more information on the types of materials that are best suited for the different t-shirt printing techniques, or to learn more about the benefits of each one so you can choose the suitable customised design method, go along to our T-shirt Content Hub to find out more information or contact Buytshirtsonline today.