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Direct To Garment Printing



Charity T-Shirt Printing

Charity T-Shirt Printing

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T-Shirt Printing For Schools

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School Leavers Hoodies

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Gym And Fitness Club T-Shirt Printing

Print Your Designs on T-shirts, Hoodies and Workwear

From corporate events to stag and hen parties, sports clubs to sales forces, buytshirtsonline can take your logos, promotional messages and images and print or embroider them onto almost any garment.

Hand your T-shirt printing to us and you’re assured a professional service with high quality materials and fast turnaround. We specialise in bulk T-shirt printing for companies, clubs, charities, schools, events and teams, but we also have the technology to put one-off designs on individual garments. And despite our name, we also create printed hoodies, custom polo shirts, embroidered workwear and other items of printed clothing.

We’re no run-of-the-mill T-shirt printer. We have a decade of experience using a range of printing techniques to do everything from a screen print run to putting highly specialised bespoke designs onto unusual garments – the kind of job that mainstream printers would turn down. And if brand names are important to you, we print onto Fruit of the Loom, Gildan, Stedman and Hanes, to name a few, and have extensive stocks of each.

You can get multiple sizes in a single order for no extra cost, and our turnaround times mean your team can be kitted out at short notice. Take a look at our specialisms below, or call our sales team on 01928 579951 to discuss your project.

Why use us?

·    Because we are experts at t-shirt printing. We can advise you of the best method to suit your requirements

·    Fast turn-around and delivery - all production carried out in-house

·    Same standard of care given to small and large orders

·    We offer a wide range of clothing including t-shirts, polo shirts and hoodies

What happens when you place an order?

After you have placed your t-shirt printing order and informed us of the t-shirts, sizes and colours required you will be asked to email over your artwork. The perfect way to send your artwork is in a vectored format in an EPS file, PDF file, or AI. However we know things aren't as simple as that so please just send what you have in the format you have it in. 9 times out of 10 we can make it print ready for you at no extra cost. The first 30 minutes of artwork is free any further work incurs a charge of £30.00 per hour.

When we have your artwork print-ready we will  send you a digital proof showing the layout, colours and positioning of your design, when you have received this please check thoroughly, we can make any changes you require at this stage. We will not print your order until you are 100% happy with the proof. Once you have approved it we will then go to print and will not be able to make any further changes. Our lead time from this point is usually 7 days.

Screen Printing

  • Screen printing is one of the best known means of bulk t-shirt printing, producing great quality prints onto any colour of T-shirt. It’s ideal for bold, single-colour prints, but with our precision machines, we can screen-print intricate designs with up to 10 colours. And at 700 prints per hour, no bulk job is too big. The technique is essentially stencilling through a fine mesh. One mesh screen is required for each colour, but each screen can be used thousands of times, hence the bulk suitability. Find out more >>>

    • Screen-printing is ideal for larger runs of up to 8 colours.
    • Screen printing is also the most cost effective way to print your garments.

Heat Transfer


If you want single-colour designs that would fit on a sheet of A3 paper (for example names and numbers on football shirts), heat transfer vinyl is the way to go. It involves cutting the desired shape out of a sheet of vinyl, which is then applied using heat and pressure. Custom T-shirts usinig more than one colour are possible by creating multiple transfers, but it’s not as fast as screen printing. Find out more >>>

  • Melts onto the fabric with no surrounding boxes and garment moves freely and naturally.
  • Great for logos numbers and text

Digital Direct To Garment Printing

Using professional-quality machinery similar to your home printer, digital printing takes a full-colour image and puts it direct onto a T-shirt, hoodie or any other garment. This makes it ideal for one-off jobs or short runs, or prints where high-resolution is required. But whereas your home printer only works properly on white paper, we can digital print onto any colour fabric by using a pre-treatment. Find out more >>>

It also involves no set-up and is perfect for lower numbers – the minimum order is just one!



If you It's a centuries-old technique that has been revolutionised by computer technology. Our garment embroidery service lets you apply your designs of up to 15 different colours to T-shirts, polo shirts or practically any garment, bag or other fabric item. Because of the set up required we have a minimum order of 18 items, so it is ideal for professional uses such as embroidered polo shirts or workwear where your going for a really top end look and feel. Find out more >>>


Tagless Label Printing

Tags with the manufacturer and washing instructions are useful but they can also be irritating and uncomfortable, so many people simply cut them off. With our tagless label printing service, we can print high-resolution messages direct onto the inside of the garment, so you can put logos, washing instructions, contact numbers and other info onto your clothes that are soft to the touch and invisible from the outsideFind out more >>>

  • No woven label makes the garment comfortable with no itchy labels.
  • Gives a professional finish to personalized garments.
  • Saves on label costs, no supplies to buy.
  • A range of tag-less products to choose from.

View all our tag-less products here >

T-Shirt Printing and Embroidery Prices. Please note there is a one off £5.00 origination fee for orders under 25 garments


Screen print minimum order 25 (number of colours in design)

25 - 49 £2.50 £3.25 £4.00 £4.75 £5.50 x  x  x
50 - 74 £2.25 £2.75 £3.25 £3.75 £4.25 £4.75 £5.25 £5.75 £6.25 £6.75
75 - 99 £1.75 £2.15 £2.55 £2.95 £3.45 £3.85 £4.25 £4.65 £5.05 £5.45
100 - 199 £1.00 £1.25 £1.50 £1.75 £2.00 £2.25 £2.50 £2.75 £3.00 £3.25
200 - 299 90p 1.15p £1.40 £1.65 £1.90 £2.15 £2.40 £2.65 £2.90 £3.15
300 – 499 80p 1.05p £1.30 £1.55 £1.80 £1.95 £2.30 £2.55 £2.80 £2.95
500 – 749 70p 95p £1.20 £1.45 £1.70 £1.85 £2.20 £2.45 £2.70 £2.85
750 – 999 60p 80p £1.00 £1.20 £1.40 £1.60 £1.80 £2.00 £2.20 £2.40
1000 - 1499 50p 65p 80p 95p 1.10p 1.25p £1.40 £1.55 £1.80 £1.95
1500 – 1999 45p 55p 65p 75p 85p 95p £1.05 £1.15 £1.25 £1.35
2000 – 2499 40p 50p 60p 70p 80p 90p £1.00 £1.10 £1.20 £1.30
2500 – 3000 35p 45p 55p 65p 75p 85p 95p £1.05 £1.15 £1.25
3000 Plus Call Call Call Call Call Call Call Call Call Call


QUANTITYBreast Application (8cm)Larger Application 
8-16 £3.50 £7.00
17-24 £3.25 £6.50
25-48 £3.00 £6.00
49-72 £2.75 £5.50
73-104 £2.50 £5.00
105-200 £2.25 £4.50
200 + Call Call

Heat Transfer Print and Cut, Full Colour
1-4 £4.50 £7 £10 £13
5-9 £4.20 £6 £9 £12
10-24 £3.25 £5 £8 £11
25-49 £3.00 £4 £7 £10
50-100 £2.70 £3.50 £6.50 £9
Heat Transfer Vinyl Cut 1 Colour Only
1-3 £3.50 £4 £5 £7
4-9 £3 £3.50 £4.50 £6
10-19 £2.50 £3 £4 £5
20-49 £2.25 £2.50 £3.50 £4
50-100 £2 £2.25 £3 £3.50


25-49 £1.00 £1.50
50-99 75p £1.00
100-199 50p 75p
200-499 40p 60p
500-999 30p 40p
1000-1999 25p 30p
2000-5000 20p 25p
1-4 £4.50 £4.00
5-9 £4.20 £3.70
10-24 £3.25 £2.75
25-49 £3.00 £2.50
50-99 £2.70 £2.20
100-199 £1.80 £1.30
200+ £1.75 £1.25