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Bulk buying

What are the benefits of buying t-shirts in bulk?

Who doesn’t want to get a great deal for their business? If you’re the person in charge of the purse strings, then you must get value for money in any undertaking your business works towards. Of course, this means occasionally buying in bulk to save money. 

Why Buy in Bulk?

There are several benefits to buying t-shirts in bulk. Firstly, your order will be discounted. Over a prolonged period, the amounts that you save on each order can be substantial. Of course, another reason to acquire a bulk supply of t-shirts is to ensure that you have them handy when you need them. When kitting out your staff you can always be sure you have spares to replace any lost ones or for new members of the team. 

What Kind of Organisations Should Buy in Bulk?

Due to the financial and time-saving benefits of buying in bulk, many different organisations can benefit from bulk-ordering, learn more below. 



For schools, it can be beneficial to have lots of t-shirts around. They are great for sports matches, fundraisers and days out. 

Read more about buying for schools here.

Teams and Clubs

Local Teams/Clubs

Teams and clubs can undoubtedly benefit from bulk-buying. This doesn’t just apply to t-shirts but all kinds of apparel for travelling to and from games such as hoodies and tracksuits etc. They can also be sold as merchandise which is a great way to earn money for the club. 




Whether you’re a local store or a global corporation, a bulk order of t-shirts can help your business in several different ways. They are great for promotion and advertising as employees, or loyal customers can spread the word about your business.