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What Type of Printing Do I Need?

What type of printing do I need?

Life is about choices. Make the right ones, and life will be good for you. Make bad choices, and life can become a nightmare! The same can be said about t-shirt printing. Make the wrong choices, and it can cost you a chunk of your budget and time. In this article, we look at how to make the right choices and have all your printing needs met for a reasonable price and in a time frame that suits you. By explaining each printing type clearly and concisely, we will show you how to choose from the various types of printing available to get the best, most efficient and convenient option for you.


Screen printing is the most common type of printing, perfect for bulk orders of long-lasting prints. The ink is applied through beautiful, porous mesh screens, allowing for subtle and intricate designs. Each colour is used individually, and therefore, the more colours there are in your design, the more time and expense in producing your garments. The printing of multiple items is usually done by this method because it is the cheapest and quickest. However, it is worth remembering that each colour involves the use of a separate screen which increases the time taken and end costs. Screen printing can be done with a crackle finish, UV glow finish, glitter finish, glow in the dark finish, suede finish and gel print finish. Smaller orders are not economically viable using this process so other methods should be considered.


This type of printing method stands out for its unique look and feel, durability and unbeatable quality. If you are looking for a professional look for your garments, this is probably the way forward for you. Embroidery is an ancient art form; many years of this craft have been found in China from the 5th-3rd century BC. And the methods haven't changed much at all in theory. We have machines that do it for us these days, but the machines go through the same process, give or take the odd microchip as our ancestors did in days gone by. Although this is not strictly a printing method, we have included it because it is one of the best options for attaching designs onto garments. It is challenging to show fine detail in the embroidery, which should be considered when submitting your artwork. Embroidery is the method required if you are smartening up your workforce. We have a minimum order of only eight items, so you don't need to be a large corporation to give your company a professional look.

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We hope this guide gives you the tools you needed to make an informed choice when deciding which printing method best suits your needs. Whatever your printing needs, it is essential that you make a proper assessment first. Call us to discuss any of your requirements and queries.

Good luck!