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Why Uniform Can Help You Get in The Work Headspace When Working from Home

Many businesses have been fortunate to remain open during the UK's lockdown by allowing employees to work from home. No one anticipated that lockdown would last this long, and while many businesses are reopening their doors to bring some normality back, some are still opting to work from home a little longer.

How do you get in the right headspace when working from home for long periods, with no uncertainty when you'll be returning to the office?


Ok, so we don't mean sit at home in a full suit or work uniform, but you should avoid staying in your pyjamas or loungewear, as it can be hard to separate work from home life. If you have a customised work -shirt, we recommend wearing that, as it will help you get in the right headspace and give you that sense of going to work (virtually). However, if you don't have work clothing to wear, now is the perfect time to get some relaxed uniform in place and Buytshirtosnline have various t-shirt printing services available.

What do we mean by a relaxed work uniform? Customised t-shirts, it's that simple.

Customised t-shirts are an easy and cost-effective way to have established workwear, whether at work, at an event or when working from home. Polo shirt embroidery is a favourable choice for workwear. Not only is the fabric quality excellent, but the t-shirt printing method is high-quality, professional-looking, and durable. A simple polo shirt with a customised embroidery logo can make the difference when working from home, whether you choose to wear it with jogging pants or pair of jeans. They're great for jumping on video calls, they add more purpose and meaning to the day, and you have that sense of changing to go to work and when you finish.

Our clients have told us that while uniform isn't compulsory, they found that employees who have a work t-shirt will willingly wear it because they perceive it to be casual and fashionable if they can pair it with a pair of jeans or shorts. So, psychology, 'casual' customised work t-shirts are beneficial, whether you're working remotely or in the office.


You must maintain the right headspace when working from home, particularly for long periods or if it's permanent, and wearing the right clothes is a fantastic starting point.

Sitting in your pyjamas all day isn't ideal and can quickly change your mood. Even though it sounds perfect, you'll lose your sense of purpose after a few days and find it difficult to switch from work mode to home life. Getting up in the morning as you usually would for work, changing into everyday clothes such as jeans and a customised work t-shirt, or another suitable uniform for home life, sets you up for the day. Plus, you don't want to get caught out on a last-minute video call and colleagues seeing you in your pyjamas!

Creating a workplace is also recommended. If you don't have a home office or desk to worm form, make a designated space on your dining table to include your laptop/desktop, phone, pen, notepad, a mug for brews, some accessories, and a pair of headphones to block out any distractions. This helps keep your mind focused and calm.


It's easy to get caught up working longer hours at home, but taking frequent breaks is critical to maintaining the right headspace. A full lunch hour or 30 minutes, as you would if you were at work, is vital and should be part of your daily routine. Step away from your workspace, have some timeout and return feeling refreshed. 10-minute brew breaks won't hurt either. Dressing appropriately for the day, having a personal workplace, and taking regular breaks is a fantastic routine when working from home.
Contact Buytshirtsonline today about our t-shirt printing options. Our polo shirt embroidery service is a popular choice, and not only does it look smart, but it's also comfortable attire when working remotely.