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There’s no doubt about it that we’ve swapped the gym for home workouts and outdoor exercising such as running and cycling during the lockdown. And for some, they’ve gained an interest in exercise over the last few months.

As many sports events have been cancelled, such as the Great Manchester 10K, the London Marathon and the Great North Run, more virtual events are taking place. These events allow participants to set themselves a monthly target, i.e. 25K, 50K, 100K and record their distances. Once completed, they will get a sent a medal.

While the nation has become keen fitness enthusiasts and more health-conscious, it’s essential to wear the right clothing to keep you cool, and t-shirts play an influential role in performance.


Best T-Shirt Material for Exercising

It’s easy to put on an old t-shirt, or a sports team shirt to go out running, but you’ll find yourself getting warm quickly, which can change your performance and often slow you down. So, what is the best t-shirt material for exercising?

You may have noticed when receiving a running top from a charity for an event, finishing a race or in sports shops that the materials are usually made from polyester. There’s a reason for this. Polyester offers breathability due to the lightweight fabric, which helps you to stay cool.

Polyester is also durable and doesn’t wrinkle. Compared to cotton which absorbs moisture, i.e. your sweat, polyester will keep you dry, as sweat dispenses through the material.

Another interesting fact about polyester is that while the material is light and helps to keep you fresh when exercising, particularly through the warmer months, it can also keep you warm during the colder months.

Like with most materials, absorbing a large amount of sweat can set off an unfriendly odorous smell. So, make sure you wash your clothes after every workout to avoid your t-shirts locking in the sweat.


Customising Polyester T-Shirts

Naturally, when participating in a sporting event, such as a charitable run, you’ll most likely want to customise a t-shirt. Now, please bear in mind when personalising t-shirts, not all t-shirt printing methods are suitable for all fabrics.

For polyester or polycotton materials, we recommend heat transfer as your t-shirt printing option due to the elasticity of the fabric. For other materials such as cotton, opt for screen printing or embroidery if you’re personalising a polo shirt. Buytshirtsonline has a range of wholesale sportswear t-shirts and other apparel available to buy online, which are suitable for customisation.

Buytshirtsonline offers all t-shirt printing techniques, including heat transfer, vinyl printing, screen printing and embroidery. If you’re taking part in an event and require a bulk of sportswear t-shirts to be customised, contact us today, and we’ll guide you through the process and advice on the best options.

We also offer a service for charity t-shirt printing with a 10% discount for charities. Call us today for more information and let Buytshirtsonline help you stand out from the crowd on the day.