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  • Steelite™ Laced Safety Shoe S2 (FW80)
    From £28.48 (inc. VAT)
  • Steelite™ Safety Clog (FW82)
    From £28.12 (inc. VAT)
  • Steelite Protector Boot S1P (FW10)
    From £16.42 (inc. VAT)
  • Protector Shoe (FW14)
    From £17.92 (inc. VAT)
  • Women's Steelite™ trainer S1P HRO
    From £39.00 (inc. VAT)
  • Steelite™ Lusun Safety Trainer (FW34)
    From £32.98 (inc. VAT)
  • Steelite™ Arx safety trainer S1P HRO (FW33)
    From £33.74 (inc. VAT)
  • Steelite™ Loire low cut trainer S1P HRO (FW36)
    From £35.24 (inc. VAT)
  • Women's reflect safety boot
    From £33.00 (inc. VAT)
  • Buzzard safety boot
    From £29.04 (inc. VAT)
  • Strider safety boot
    From £42.24 (inc. VAT)
  • Carrick safety boot
    From £43.56 (inc. VAT)
  • Lightweight safety trainer
    From £31.68 (inc. VAT)
  • Work-Guard blackwatch safety boot
    From £34.98 (inc. VAT)
  • Work-Guard shield lightweight safety trainer
    From £34.32 (inc. VAT)
  • Women's safety trainer
    From £31.02 (inc. VAT)
  • Open-toe slippers with hook and loop strap
    From £2.17 (inc. VAT)
  • Boys Peppa George Pig slippers
    From £9.10 (inc. VAT)
  • Girls Paw Patrol wellies
    £13.42 (inc. VAT)
  • Boys Paw Patrol wellies
    £13.87 (inc. VAT)
  • Boys Hey Duggee slippers
    £9.75 (inc. VAT)
  • Boys Thomas wellies
    £13.87 (inc. VAT)

In many industries, appropriate footwear isn’t just about looking the part – it’s an essential part of the safety regime in force. Construction, agriculture, engineering and factory work often require strengthened toecap boots to offer maximum protection against dropping heavy objects or getting trapped under machinery. Other outdoor tasks require maximum tread and waterproofing to simply get around fields and sites in safety, comfort and surefootedness.

Despite the name, buytshirtsonline offers head-to-toe clothing, and that of course includes shoes, boots, trainers and other footwear. If you’re in any of the industries above, it might well be your responsibility to provide your employees with safety footwear. We’re the perfect partner to keep you supplied as new employees come and go, or if you want to build up a stock to get your employees shod as soon as they step foot in the workplace.

We stock some of the most trusted brands, including Blackrock, Capps, Dickies, Hi-Tec, MAGNUM and Panoply. That’s the sort of reassurance our customers seek – and we deliver.

If you’re in the hotel or spa industry, you might also be interested in our range of Towel City waffle mule slippers, the comfiest slip-on you’ll find for your customers.

With great prices on bulk purchases, an amazing range and the assurance of a speedy delivery, buytshirtsonline are your number one stop for shoes, boots, workwear, slippers … and T-shirts!