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Why choose Buytshirtsonline?

Screen printing has been around for 100s of years and is a proven method of adding personalisation to garments at relatively low costs. Here at Buytshirtsonline, we screen print 1000s of garments everyday. The reason it is our most popular method of printing is the low cost and speed of application. 

 We have 2 MHM screen printing machines that can print up to 10 colours and are each capable of printing over 700 t-shirts per hour. 

 We charge by colour and quantity, please see our price matrix at the bottom of the page. Screen printing is ideal for higher volume runs if it is just a few t-shirts you require with a simple one colour logo then we would recommend a heat transfer rather than screen printing. Also, if it is a colourful design on a low quantity run, then digital printing would probably be the way to go. 

 Due to the costs involved in originating screens and setting the job up our prices come down the more you buy. You start seeing good value for money at over 100 items. If you need a one colour print on 100 white t-shirts, then the price would be as little as £1.90 per item plus VAT. 

 In conclusion, If you need 100 plus t-shirts with a small number of colours in the design, then screen printing is for you. If you are not sure about the best way forward, then please give our experienced printing team a call on 01928579951 option 2. If you would like to receive a quote from us, please fill in the quotation form, and we will get straight back to you.

Printing Technique

Each colour of your design is separated and printed out onto a film positive and exposed onto a silkscreen. 

Each screen is then lined up on the printing machine inks are mixed to the colours in your design and then added to the screens.

The inks are then pushed through the mesh by the squeegees (rubber blades)  onto the garment to create your image. 

 The items are then carefully removed from the machine platens and then fed through the tunnel dryer at a temperature of 190 degrees. The heat cures the ink into the fabric, which ensures the print will last as long as the garment. 

 Although screen printing is the most economical method of garment decoration the set up is time-consuming and for smaller runs can work out expensive. We would recommend that if you have more than two colours in your design and need less than 50 items, you use the digital printing option.


The prices below are only a guide and are based on an A4 size image. We do not charge for screen origination, and the first 20 minutes of artwork design is free. The prices below are for print only and do not include the garment. All prices are exclusive of VAT.                                                                

Are you considering Starting a Graphics or T-Shirt Business? Screen Printing is the way forward...

Whether you’re a keen graphic designer or are embracing your entrepreneurial spirit, printing T-shirts is a great way to earn extra income and spread the word about your brand. Before you get going, there are a few things to consider before running a new print. Below are a few tips which might help you to make the process as profitable as possible:

Workshop Design Ideas

The great T-Shirt designs that we all know and love come in a wide range of styles. They can be witty, trendy, iconic or, they can look cool.

But whether its Batman, The Rolling Stones Lick or “I’m With Stupid >>>” all the best T-shirts have one thing in common - they represent something within popular culture that everyone instantly recognises.

When working on your design, play around with popular iconography (obviously, don’t breach any copyright!) and have fun with the words and meanings. Nailing down that iconic shirt design is not going to come easy.  However, if you can capture a feeling, then who’s to say how popular your design could become. 

Get Feedback Before You Print

Once you have your design in the bag, it’s time to test the waters on friends and family for feedback. If you’re concerned that they won’t get it, then look to the internet. Reddit is a great place to get feedback. Find a relevant sub-reddit, post your design and gauge people’s reactions. If people like it, then move ahead and print. If the response is one of indifference, ask for feedback and give it another shot.

Invest in quality shirts and printing.

Both in terms of ensuring the longevity of your project and feeling a sense of satisfaction, it’s essential to invest in quality shirts and printing. Using high-quality prints on your T-shirts is essential to the progression of your T-shirt business. If people find that your designs are disintegrating after a few washes, this will leave them unsatisfied by your products and unlikely to purchase again.