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Workwear represents your business, so it’s critical that you choose the right clothing, particularly if you want it customising.

While your workwear is a representation of your business, looking smart and professional is paramount, and it’s equally as important that the clothing you choose is comfortable. Also, if you’re contemplating having your workwear customised, you must select appropriate fabrics to suit the t-shirt printing machine – this is something Buytshirtsonline can assist with.


How to Choose the Right Workwear

Although it seems straight forward to choose suitable workwear, there are various key factors to consider. These include - will it be appropriate for the working environment, how will the brand colours look, how will the customisation look, why do you want your employees to wear a uniform?

These considerations are often neglected, which can cause long-term chaos in the workplace, particularly if you’re tight on budget.

 Is It Suitable for the Working Environment?

Your workplace environment is vital. For example, if you work in an office, you can be more flexible with the style of clothing, whereas, if you work in a factory or warehouse, you will want something loose fitting due to the high temperatures. The same applies to shoes. The footwear you choose must be suitable for the workplace and the floor surface.

Cotton, polyester and polycotton make up most garments. Cotton provides additional comfort and can often keep your body cool during warm conditions and ideal if you have a constant flow of air conditioning. If you predominantly work outside or work in an active-based role, then consider choosing polyester. Polyester is recognised for having breathable material, which reduces dampness from sweat, helping you stay fresh, hence why sportswear clothing is made using polyester over cotton.

Fortunately, Buytshirtsonline caters for a large variety of working environments, so if you’re unsure about which attire is most suitable, get in touch with us today.

How Will the Brand Colours and Customisation Look?

Another big consideration is the branding and colours, and how it will appear on the work attire. This is critical for customisation and t-shirt printing. The design and colour scheme might be spot on when it’s put into a PDF format or jpeg and sent over to the printers, but it might not be transferred as you want it when it’s gone to print. This could be down to the number of colours, including bespoke tones and gradients used, as well as the chosen garment colour. So, you need to make sure that you choose the right colour apparel and t-shirting printing method.

If your design is intricate and you’re unsure on how it will look, please speak with us today, and we’ll advise on the most suitable clothing material and colour.


Wholesale Workwear – How Much is Too Much and What’s the Purpose?

When choosing what workwear to buy, you must consider why you need it and where it will be worn.

For some, wearing a uniform is compulsory, so it must be comfortable and durable. For other businesses, customised workwear is for events, so others know which business you represent. Either way, you want to stand out so the public can approach you, as well as look smart and trustworthy. Customising workwear is a fantastic way to achieve this.

Knowing how much wholesale workwear to buy is also important. Buytshirtsonline has various bulk-buying options available to suit all budgets and quantity. Staff turnover and growth should be a consideration, as well as having a few spares. So, when it comes to buying wholesale workwear, don’t buy the exact amount based on staff numbers, you will need an ‘emergency’ pack for new starters. Plus, if you’re at an event or work and you accidentally spill something down your top, having a spare on hand will be a lifesaver!

If you’re a business that regularly updates brand designs, then you must consider the cost and time implication having to re-produce workwear.

We also have a vast selection of wholesale workwear available to bulk buy, including shirts, chefs trousers and jackets, hospitality waistcoats, footwear, and safety vests.


Customising Workwear

Customising workwear is what makes your business stand out to visitors and the general public, so it’s essential to ensure that you choose the right t-shirt printing method.

Not all t-shirt printing machines are suitable for all fabrics, so make sure you know what your options are beforehand. If you are unsure and need expert advice in this area, call Buytshirtsonline today, our team will be more than happy to help.

Polo shirts are the most popular and suitable for customised workwear attire. The material 100% cotton, dense and smart looking. Embroidery is a favourable option for customising workwear, as it offers a professional feel combined with longevity. Polo shirts and embroidery are a strong partnership when it comes to t-shirt printing. It’s important to remember that with embroidery, the fabric you choose must be durable enough to handle the stitching and the pulling of the thread.


For more information on buying wholesale workwear and how to correctly customise the garments, contact Buytshirtsonline today on 0192 857 9951 or send an email to Alternatively, you can fill out the contact form here.