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Shopping for shorts? - Here's a guide to our range of cargo, chinos and gym shorts.

With summer approaching, thoughts are turning to our summer wardrobes already. After the dark nights and rainy days of the winter period, everybody is itching to give their world a splash of colour so they can get out into the sun and strut their stuff in the latest summer trends.

As ever, Buytshirtsonline is the one-stop place to buy everything your summer wardrobe could ever need. Amongst the thousands of different items we sell. There is something for everyone, whatever the style you're looking for, we will stock it.

An important consideration when choosing your summer wardrobe is which shorts to buy. Get this decision wrong, and your whole outfit won't work. Get it right, and you'll feel and look cool all summer. Why not complete your look with a pair of shorts. With nearly 100 different pairs available, in a wide range of colours and sizes, we're sure there's something for you. 

Which Style of Shorts To Choose.

Many people already have a style of shorts that they stick to, but, if you're one of the many who like to shake up their wardrobes occasionally, the most important decision you have to make is which style of shorts to buy. While this isn't rocket science, it is fairly critical if you want to look cool this summer and there are certain considerations to make when making that choice. 

The style you choose should fit your needs and how you intend to use them. Will they be worn for sport, fashion, work or a mixture of them all? Do they need to have a netted lining so they can be used for swimming too or are they to be worn as part of a relaxed look, just for fashion purposes? 

Which colour to choose.

This is a personal choice, so who are we to say?! Colours do affect people's perceptions of us quite dramatically, though, so there is more to this choice than meets the eye. Before you make this decision, you may want to read our article on colour perception, to help you make a more informed choice.

The only other decision to make is that of which size to buy. We'll leave that one up to you!

Now, after making these crucial decisions, you're ready to head into the depths of the Buytshirtsonline website to find some great bargains. We're sure you won't' be disappointed! Below are great examples of Camo, Chino and Gym shorts picked from the numerous different shorts we have on offer. 


Port West Action Shorts are a great example of an all-round, functional and hard-wearing pair of shorts, featuring multiple zip pockets, a thigh pocket with Velcro flap, two back hip pockets with zips and twin stitched seams for reinforcement. These shorts, made from 65% polyester and 35% cotton and available in 2 classic colours, are a great, versatile addition to any man's summer wardrobe. 


The Henbury Teflon Coated Chino Shorts. Smart and practical, they can be worn all year round. Made from stain-resistant cotton and available in 3 different colours, they have a double pleat front with front and back pockets and belt loops.




For the more sporty amongst you, we have the Finden and Hales Pro Stretch Sports Shorts. A perfect choice for all types of sportspeople, they are made from 96% polyester and 4% elastane, giving them a 4-way stretch. Available in 2 colours, they have a fully elasticated waistband with inner drawcord, zip-up pocket and a crotch panel. These shorts look great and are designed to enhance your sporting experience.