Stag Dos (and Don’ts)

The stag do is a great British institution, but its evolution over the past twenty years has been unbelievable. Up until the late 1990s, a stag do probably involved a spot of debauchery, ritual humiliation and overindulgence in the local pub or nightclub, with friends, colleagues and fathers of the happy couple in tow.

But then something happened. Budget airlines made it possible to have the do anywhere in Europe, and a few cities, particularly those in the old Eastern Bloc, became hot spots. The bar was raised and stag nights became stag weekends or even weeks, and more elaborate – and costly – plans were hatched to make them memorable.

One of the staples of the modern stag do is all the guests dressing the same, which can mean anything from gorilla costumes to nappies, but a great way of announcing your arrival at your stag destination is to get a T-shirt printed for the occasion. As specialists in the department, we’ve got a few tips to help you along.

Avoid incriminating evidence

Ideally your stag party will sweep into the destination city and blow out the other side like a hurricane but with more pandemonium in its wake. The locals will be talking about your do for years to come with a sense of awe and wonder until you ascend into legend. So don’t emblazon your T-shirts with the groom’s name, address, postcode and Twitter handle or anything else that could identify him. Leave something to the imagination.

Remember you’re in public

Stag dos don’t obey the watershed rules, and you’ll be out and about during the day in the build-up and the aftermath. So don’t risk the ire of sensitive parents or the local constabulary by walking around with T-shirts that wouldn’t make it past a particularly liberal film censor. You know the kind of thing we’re talking about …

Humour is Subjective

A good joke at the groom’s expense is mandatory on a stag do T-shirt. But run it past your fellow revellers first – they’re not going to want to wear a T-shirt with a gag that falls flat on its face six hours before its wearer does.

Set your budget

T-shirt printing runs the complete range from simple black on white jersey to full colour prints and embroidery on the front and back of designer tees. While no job is too big for a company like ours, remember that you’re probably only going to wear it once or twice, and that there’s a very good chance it will get stained, ripped or bagged up as evidence by the police. In other words, we wouldn’t advise going too over the top on your spend … unless you really want to.

Enjoy your do!

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