What is a Softshell Jacket? The Regatta Softshell Jacket Buying Guide

Dressing for unpredictable weather is notoriously difficult; one minute, the sun is beating down on you, and the next sporadic rain showers burst from the clouds, leaving you cold, clammy and uncomfortable.

We’ve all been victims of inconvenient weather. However, there are certain accessories you can invest in to make facing fickle seasons outdoors easier – and a Regatta softshell jacket is one of them.

In the face of shifting weather, a Regatta softshell jacket can be your best friend. But what is a softshell jacket, and why do you need one? Here, we cover everything you need to know about these year-round must-haves, including some of our favourite Regatta softshell jackets at Buytshirtsonline.

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  1. What is a softshell jacket?
  2. What is the difference between a hardshell and a softshell jacket?
  3. Popular Regatta softshell jackets at Buytshirtsonline
  4. Is a softshell jacket waterproof?
  5. Do Regatta softshell jackets keep you warm?
  6. How to wash your Regatta softshell jacket
  7. Should you buy a Regatta softshell jacket?

What is a softshell jacket?

A softshell jacket is a lightweight garment that protects against wind and rain. These jackets are perfect for layering and can be worn alone as top layers or under hardshell jackets to provide extra protection during extreme weather.

Regatta Professional classic softshell jacket. Features a high zip and soft, warm materials. Stylish yet practical. Navy.

Regatta Professional Classic softshell

Designed to be flexible and allow stretch, Regatta softshell jackets perfectly bridge the gap between Regatta fleeces, which offer little protection against wind and rain, and Regatta waterproof jackets, which offer the most protection during extreme weather. They have windproof and water-repellent abilities, making them a highly reliable outerwear option for unpredictable weather. 

What is softshell fabric?

Softshell fabric is a soft, woven fabric. It is breathable and non-restrictive, making softshell jackets perfect for a wide range of activities, whether hiking, walking, or running errands in town. 

Regatta designs its softshell jackets with woven fabrics to ensure maximum comfort and protection. They feature wind and water-resistant technologies and allow for plenty of stretch, ensuring you can stay warm without compromising comfort or movability.

What is the difference between a hardshell and a softshell jacket?

Softshell jackets are soft, lightweight, and designed with mobility in mind. They provide moderate protection against wind and showers. However, they are generally not completely waterproof, so they are not ideal for extreme weather conditions.

Hardshell jackets are much more rigid, providing less stretch and breathability than softshell jackets. They are extremely durable and designed with the harshest weather conditions in mind, often featuring insulated seams and high-performance fabrics to ensure optimum comfort and protection from the elements.

Purple waterproof shell jacket, perfect for heavy rain and cold conditions.

Regatta Professional Ardmore Waterproof Shell Jacket

Both softshell and hardshell jackets have a purpose in everyone’s wardrobe, and choosing the right one for you ultimately depends on the weather and activity. A hardshell might be better if you’re hiking in high winds and heavy rain. But you can’t go wrong with a softshell jacket if you enjoy hiking a trail during mild weather with occasional showers.

Popular Regatta softshell jackets at Buytshirtsonline

At Buytshirtsonline, we stock Regatta softshell jackets for every activity. So, whether you’re hiking, walking, bouldering or commuting, there’s something for you. Below, we discuss our top three Regatta softshell jackets and why they’re worth adding to your wardrobe this season!

The Regatta Professional Ablaze printable softshell jacket

Luminous orange softshell jacket with a contrasting black zip

The Regatta Professional Ablaze printable softshell jacket

Featuring three layers to ensure breathability and comfort, the Ablaze softshell jacket takes you from season to season in style. It has a warm, woven back for extra warmth and special features like wind-resistant properties and a water-repellent finish.

With no exterior branding, this Regatta softshell offers a stylish, seamless look. It also has a high-quality surface perfect for screen printing, making it a fantastic choice if you’re searching for jackets to represent your sports team, club or workforce.

At Buytshirtsonline, we stock Regatta Ablaze printable softshell jackets in attractive colours, including Ablaze softshells for women and juniors! We also offer a fantastic screen printing service at competitive prices, including text, logos and images. You can learn more about our screen printing services by completing a quotation form today.

The Regatta Professional Arcola 3-layer softshell jacket

Blue Regatta jacket with various zips. Baby blue

The Regatta Professional Arcola 3-layer softshell jacket

Designed for adventure, the Regatta Arcola softshell jacket is the ultimate companion in unpredictable weather. It is waterproof and wind resistant, featuring a warm backing for additional protection against the cold. Despite its waterproof status, it does not lack flexibility, offering a lightweight layer that supports you without compromising ease of movement.

The Arcola softshell features a three-layer membrane and is carefully designed with breathable fabrics, ensuring the best experience for any activity. It also has an adjustable hem, cuffs, and various pockets for functional storage options. Our collection stocks the Arcola jacket in four stylish colours, from muted black to standout orange and blue! We also stock a similar version for women.

The Regatta Sandstorm Workwear softshell

The Regatta Sandstorm Workwear softshell

Lightweight yet durable, the Sandstorm softshell is the perfect layer for people on the go. It is water-repellent and has a warm woven backing, ensuring adequate protection against the cold. Moreover, whether commuting or hiking, its reflective trims will ensure you stay visible.

Available in three chic colourways, the Sandstorm is perfect for personal or professional use. It features an adjustable hem and cuffs, allowing you to achieve a bespoke, tailored fit!

Is a Regatta softshell jacket waterproof?

Unlike waterproof hardshell jackets, most Regatta softshell jackets are water resistant. This means that while they keep you dry in moderate weather conditions, they are not ideal for heavy rainfall.

A jacket must completely prevent water from penetrating it to be considered waterproof. Regatta softshell jackets feature a durable water-repellent coating, meaning that while water-resistant, they are not 100% waterproof.

Despite lacking the waterproof status hardshell jackets are renowned for, softshell jackets more than make up for it with their comfort and flexibility, still retaining some water and wind-resistant qualities.

Do Regatta softshell jackets keep you warm?

Regatta softshell jackets keep you warm by maintaining your body heat. They are designed using soft, wind- and water-resistant fabrics, preventing the cold from penetrating your jacket. Some of Regatta’s softshell jackets also feature brushed backs, helping trap warmth and maintain your comfort. 

Regatta Professional Uproar softshell

You should rely on your softshell jacket as you would a mid-layer or fleece: Great for daily wear, offering enough protection to get by in moderate weather. However, not protective enough to hold up in really adverse weather conditions like heavy rainfall or storms.

How to wash your Regatta softshell jacket

Like any garment, your Regatta softshell jacket will experience a buildup of dirt, debris and bacteria with extended wear. However, you must be careful when washing softshell jackets, as some cleaning products and methods can damage their water-resistant properties and breathability.

For best results, only wash your softshell jacket by hand using non-detergent soap. Detergents can compromise your garment while washing machines and tumble dryers can forever alter its shape. Also, avoid fabric softeners, as these can leave a residue on your jacket, impacting its breathability and even wearing down its water-repellent properties. 

Of course, every garment has different care requirements. With this in mind, always wash your softshell jacket as instructed by the care label on your jacket’s inside. Moreover, only wash your Regatta softshell jacket when necessary. 

So, should you buy a Regatta softshell jacket?

Versatile, warm and flexible, Regatta softshell jackets are perfect for those who love the outdoors. 

These lightweight layers offer ample protection against the elements, featuring wind and water-resistant properties without compromising ease of movement or durability. They can be worn alone during milder weather or layered under hardshell waterproof jackets for additional protection.

At Buytshirtsonline, our Regatta softshell jacket collection is filled with styles for every adventure. So, whether you’re searching for a men’s softshell jacket or a Regatta women’s jacket, we’re confident you’ll find a style to suit your needs.

Looking for more durable layers? We also stock Regatta bodywarmers in various styles and colours, perfect for colder seasons and transitional weather!  Explore the range today, or shop the complete Regatta clothing collection for more high-quality outerwear. 

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