Graphic T-shirts: What is a Graphic T-shirt? And the best place to buy them

With their custom styling and standout prints, graphic t-shirts are the latest wardrobe must-haves. They are expressive, on-trend, and fashionable and can be styled in various ways to showcase your individuality.

Over the decades, the fashion community has experimented with various fabrics and printing methods to create many looks. However, graphic tees come out on top when it comes to unique designs that captivate onlookers.

At Buytshirtsonline, we know a thing or two about graphic t-shirts, and we’re here to answer all your questions about the rise of these unique and stylish garments. Below, we’ve covered everything you need to know about graphic tees, including where to find them, how to order them, and a brief history of the rise of these truly unique garments.

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Table of contents

  1. The rise of graphic t-shirts
  2. What does graphic t-shirts mean?
  3. What are graphic t-shirts used for?
  4. Where is the best place to get graphic tees?
  5. Which website is best for t-shirt design?
  6. How do I order bulk t-shirt sizes?
  7. How do I find a wholesale t-shirt provider?
  8. Wholesale t-shirts at Buytshirtsonline

The rise of graphic t-shirts

Clothing and culture have almost always been associated, and graphic tees are perhaps the greatest example of this. 

From political rebellions to popular motifs and skate culture, graphic t-shirts today can be styled to represent anything you can think of. However, they first became popular in the late 1960s, when screen printing technologies and ink became more advanced, and printers could create custom t-shirts quicker than ever.

With this newfound accessibility and affordability, graphic t-shirts became sought-after garments. They allowed people to express their individuality and make statements with their clothing in a way they never had before, which has secured their popularity to this day.

Man walking down a street that features graffiti art, wearing a pale pink custom t-shirt of a grim reaper

What does graphic t-shirts mean?

How do you define a graphic t-shirt? In the simplest form, a graphic t-shirt is a t-shirt that has an image or custom design printed onto it. The design can be on either the front or back of the t-shirt and can be done via screen printing or embroidery.

What are graphic t-shirts used for?

Originally, graphic tees were created for functional purposes rather than as creative pieces. Universities historically used graphic tees as a form of representation, whilst businesses worldwide have styled graphic tees as walking billboards for their brand.

In today’s culture, these creative garments can be anything from artistic depictions of political movements to a comical slogan ushered by your favourite tv character.

At Buytshirtsonline, we offer t-shirt screen printing and embroidery in various styles to make your designs come to life, so whether you’re looking for custom t-shirts to represent your brand, event, or club, we’ve got you covered! Our graphic t-shirts also make great souvenirs or novelty gifts, serving as playful memoirs of sports days or events. 

graffiti background, close up of a black custom t-shirt featuring the term 'LA" in a slime covered background

Where is the best place to get graphic tees?

The best place to shop graphic tees depends on the type of t-shirt you want, and at Buytshirtsonline, we can create personalised t-shirts for any occasion. 

Whether you are looking for a graphic t-shirt with your logo for your employees to wear or personalised t-shirts to represent your sports team, we can do it all for you. We also offer custom personalisation, so you can add your business logo, team name, or unique slogan to your tee and enjoy custom clothing tailored to your needs.

Our collection offers everything from customisable crew neck t-shirts to long-sleeve designs in various sizes and colours, so your imagination is the limit!

Which website is best for T-shirt design?

The only answer here is Buytshirtsonline! We combine high-quality garments with industry expertise, passion, and a flare for precision, delivering standout styles that are long-lasting and stylish. 

Moreover, our collections offer an impressive range of industry-leading brands, including Fruit of the Loom and STANLEY/STELLA, so you can enjoy your design against a super-soft fabric that is comfortable to wear all day long.

If you are looking for somewhere to create your design for your t-shirt, free online design services are available. One of the websites you can use to create your own designs is Canva! Canva is a website that includes fully customisable templates that you can use to create your very own t-shirt design. You can export your design and upload it to our website when you’re done! 

Girl wearing a white custom t-shirt with a blue and pink custom logo above the breast. She has her arms crossed and is looking off into the distance

How do I order bulk t-shirt sizes?

We’ve got you covered if you want to buy t-shirts in bulk at varying sizes. 

At Buytshirtsonline, you can order high-quality t-shirts in bulk to suit your needs. We offer custom garments at highly affordable prices per unit, and you can mix and match between various colours and sizes.

You will find crew neck t-shirts, V-neck t-shirts and even long-sleeved t-shirts within the range that are perfect for charity events, sports events and as uniforms for your employees. 

Looking to add a bespoke finishing touch to your t-shirts? You can also personalise your bulk t-shirts. To begin, simply fill out our quotation form. Once completed, a member of our expert team will contact you. We have a minimum order of 25 shirts for screen printing and 8 for embroidery. 

How do I find a wholesale t-shirt provider?

Buytshirtsonline offers wholesale t-shirts in various sizes, colours and fits to suit your needs. Whether you are looking for uniforms for your employees, shirts for a sports event or wholesale t-shirts in bulk, we’re here to help. 

Check out the full range of t-shirts and our personalisation service to turn your order into graphic t-shirts! We stock high-quality garments from over 100 manufacturers, so you can be confident you are investing in style and quality when shopping at Buytshirtsonline.

Close up of a pop-culture style black custom t-shirt. A blonde girl is wearing it, the t-shirt has imagery of a pop-art style girl holding a coffee cup

Wholesale graphic t-shirts at Buytshirtsonline

Over the years, the graphic tee has evolved dramatically. Whilst it was once a functional and informational garment, it is now a creative space where you can express almost any thought or opinion with style and flair.

Due to their flexible styling and creative potential, graphic t-shirts today are sought-after garments that you can find in almost every person’s wardrobe – and that doesn’t look like it will change any time soon.

At Buytshirtsonline, we only stock premium garments from brands we can trust, so you can be confident that you are investing in quality. Our expert team of designers puts passion at the heart of every garment, bringing your creations to life in whichever shape, form, or colour you wish. The only limit is your imagination!

Looking for more custom pieces? We also offer customisable hoodies and sweatshirts in various styles and colours, perfect for representing your sports team, event, or business!

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