Crew neck vs v-neck t-shirts, which is best?

With their classic design and signature detailing, crew neck and v-neck t-shirts are two of the most popular t-shirt styles. They are effortlessly stylish, providing versatile wardrobe solutions that can be combined with multiple outfits for various events and occasions.

However, when choosing between crew neck and v-neck t-shirts, everyone has a different opinion, making it difficult to know which style is best for you.

Thankfully, t-shirts are our speciality, so we’ve put together the ultimate guide on crew neck and v-neck t-shirts. So, whether you’re wondering what the difference is between these two t-shirt styles or how to wear crew neck and v-neck t-shirts, read on!

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Table of contents

  1. What is a crew neck t-shirt?
  2. What is a v-neck t-shirt?
  3. What’s the difference between a crew neck and a v-neck t-shirt?
  4. How to wear v-neck t-shirts 
  5. How to wear crew neck t-shirts
  6. Who makes the best V-neck and crew neck t-shirts?
  7. Crew neck vs V-neck t-shirts, which is better?

What is a crew neck t-shirt?

Crew necks, also called round necks, are t-shirts that feature round, collarless necklines. Often styled with other layers, these wardrobe staples are a popular style choice for men and women, 

Crew necks come in various styles and sizes, including slim-fit, oversized, and sport-sculpting designs, making them versatile clothing options suitable for various occasions and activities. 

Though this t-shirt style is renowned for its simplicity, its basic design is steeped in decades of history, with links to rowers, sailors and football players in the 1920s.

Plain navy wholesale Fruit of the Loom tshirt

Fruit of the Loom Original T Crew Neck 

What do crew neck t-shirts look like?

Today, the crew neck t-shirt has been reinvented countless times and can be found in almost every person’s wardrobe. They come in various styles, sizes, and colours and are the perfect way to complete your everyday outfits.

At Buytshirtsonline, we stock crew neck t-shirts by industry-leading brands such as Gildan, Fruit of the Loom and STANLEY/STELLA, so we’re confident you’ll find a crew neck to suit your requirements in our collection.

What is a v-neck t-shirt?

A v-neck t-shirt is a t-shirt that has a neckline shaped like a letter V. With their lower-cut design, v-necks blend fashion and formality perfectly, making them a popular choice for both men and women.

With their v-cut shape, v-necks are a great layering t-shirt often worn under more formal shirts as they are easily hidden. However, these staple garments are also worn as focal fashion pieces, under jackets or over jeans. They offer a clean, put-together look perfect for formal occasions and can be styled with various outfit combinations to create bespoke looks unique to your style. 

Plain navy v neck t shirt by the STANLEY/STELLA brand

STANLEY/STELLA Stanley Presenter v-neck t-shirt

What’s the difference between a crew neck and a v-neck t-shirt?

Crew neck and v-neck t-shirts have collarless necklines and are considered interchangeable by many. However, these two popular t-shirt styles are designed with different levels of formality in mind. 

Crew neck t-shirts are more relaxed than v-necks, often styled with everyday get-ups such as jeans, jackets and jumpers. 

V-neck t-shirts are considered a smarter t-shirt style, often worn to create a trim look for more formal occasions. 

How to wear crew neck t-shirts

With their laid-back style that blends fashion and function perfectly, crew neck t-shirts can suit any occasion, activity and outfit. They provide a blank canvas that will easily complement your existing wardrobe, looking great whether styled up or down.

Style crew necks solo with jeans or joggers for simple, casual looks. Their relaxed neckline is effortlessly stylish, bringing a cool, trendy touch to everyday looks.

For a more put-together style, layer under your favourite jacket or hoodie. Crew necks are more casual than v-necks. However, high-quality crew necks can be styled with blazers to nail smart-casual looks for dress-down days in the office. 

Warm yellow t-shirt with writing that says GOOD VIBES

How to wear v-neck t-shirts

V-neck t-shirts are a great style choice for smart-casual looks, offering a more formal feel than crew necks. 

Layer v-necks under open shirts, blazers, or cardigans for smart, put-together looks. White v-necks, in particular, look great paired with black and grey layers, offering a modern, sophisticated look that will take you from the office to drinks in style.

How should v-necks fit?

It’s important to choose a v-neck that suits your height and shape. It should be snug but not too tight, offering comfort, ease of movement, and style.

For the best fit, ensure the deepest point of the v-neck sits below your collarbone but above your cleavage. It’s important to ensure the v-neck is not too low cut, as this can make your outfit look more tacky than stylish. 

Ladies plain baby pink wholesale Fruit of the Loom tshirt

Fruit of the Loom Lady-Fit Valueweight V-Neck T

Do v-neck shirts look good with jeans? 

V-necks look great with jeans, offering a simple, timeless look that can be styled to suit various levels of formality. 

Pair a v-neck t-shirt with black jeans, smart-casual dress shoes, or boots for a winning combination suitable for daytime errands and evenings with friends. Or, pair with blue jeans for a cool, modern look that will take you from dinner to drinks in style.

What are v-neck shirts good for?

Due to their angular neckline, v-neck t-shirts are a great way to complement your face shape. They can make round or square-shaped faces seem longer, providing depth whilst enhancing your natural bone structure. 

On the other hand, crew necks are more suited to those with longer necks or faces, as their rounded style provides a counterbalance that softens your look.

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Who makes the best v-neck and crew neck t-shirts?

Crew neck and v-neck t-shirts have been reinvented countless times since their initial creation. So, how do you know which style is best?

That’s where we come in. At Buytshirtsonline, we’re passionate about quality, so we only stock t-shirts by brands we can trust. 

All our v-neck and crew neck t-shirts are skilfully crafted using premium fabrics and materials, ensuring high-quality, super-soft, stylish designs without compromising durability. 

With wholesale clothing from leading designers such as Fruit of the Loom, Gildan, AWDIS Just Hoods and STANLEY/STELLA, you’ll easily find the best t-shirts for your needs in our collections.

White custom t-shirt, graphic print that says 'Your voice' above a brightly coloured image of a mouth. The wearer is smiling

So, crew neck vs v-neck t-shirts, which is better?

So, should you fill your wardrobe with crew necks or v-necks? The answer is both.

These popular t-shirt styles are fantastic wardrobe basics for men and women. Mix and match to create svarious outfit styles and on-trend looks for every occasion and event.

At Buytshirtsonline, we stock an extensive range of t-shirt styles to suit every preference. However, to give your t-shirts a bespoke, personal touch, why not check out our t-shirt printing and embroidery service? Our expert team combines their expertise and passion with your creative ideas, bringing your custom t-shirt ideas to life. 

So, whether you want custom t-shirts for a brand or event or have a unique idea for t-shirts, get a quote today for long-lasting styles designed to stand out.

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