Why a Regatta Waterproof Jacket is the best jacket for outdoor adventures

Whether exploring new trails in the country or running errands in town, we’ve all experienced the discomfort of being caught in the rain at some point.

Layers become wet, cold, heavy and uncomfortable, leaving us wishing we’d planned our outfits more thoughtfully – or at least packed an umbrella.

Designed for every adventure, a Regatta waterproof coat is the ultimate accessory for outdoor pursuits, whether you’re a hiker, biker, camper or commuter. 

At Buytshirtsonline, we’re proud to stock a fantastic selection of Regatta waterproof coats and jackets, perfect for everyday wear and outdoor escapades. Here, we discuss some of our best Regatta waterproof jacket styles, including how to wash and maintain Regatta waterproof jackets and the modern features that make Regatta coats stand out.

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  1. Who is Regatta?
  2. The best Regatta waterproof jacket styles
  3. Are Regatta jackets really waterproof?
  4. How to wash your Regatta waterproof jacket
  5. Do I need to reproof my Regatta waterproof coat?
  6. Shop Regatta Waterproofs at Buytshirtsonline

Who is Regatta?

Based in Manchester, England, Regatta is one of the most popular outdoor clothing brands, creating quality outerwear since 1981.

Their mission is to help people enjoy the outdoors without worrying about the price tag. However, this does not mean their clothing lacks quality. All Regatta clothing is expertly designed to ensure optimal comfort, performance, and protection, combining the latest fabric technologies with high-quality materials.

Is Regatta a good brand?

Regatta is renowned for creating high-quality outerwear that caters to every activity, whether jumping in puddles or braving the worst elements. They consistently deliver reliable garments that last, securing their place as one of the best brands for quality outerwear and the go-to company for affordable waterproof clothing.

At Buytshirtsonline, we offer a fantastic range of Regatta waterproof clothing, including jackets, coats, bodywarmers and trousers. Read on to learn more about Regatta, including the best Regatta waterproof jacket styles and how to maintain them.

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The best Regatta waterproof jacket styles

Regatta creates waterproof coat and jacket styles to suit various weather conditions and activities, and choosing the right one for your needs is essential. Below, we’ve covered the most popular Regatta waterproof coats and why they’re worth adding to your wardrobe or backpack this season.

The Regatta shell jacket

Designed to be wind and waterproof without compromising breathability, Regatta waterproof shell jackets deserve their place in every explorer’s wardrobe. They provide optimum comfort and performance, ensuring you remain warm and dry even in the harshest weather.

Regatta Professional Ardmore Waterproof Shell Jacket

The Regatta Ardmore Waterproof shell jacket offers superior waterproof performance. It features an adjustable concealed hood, adjustable cuffs and an adjustable cord hem, allowing you to achieve the perfect fit. Inside, it has windproof fabric and taped seams, which enhance its waterproof abilities by preventing any water from seeping in.

At Buytshirtsonline, we stock Regatta waterproof shell jackets in various colours, so whether you want a classic black waterproof to pair with your existing outerwear or a bright and bold colour to help you stand out, we’re confident you’ll find the perfect style for you. 

Looking for similar styles? We also stock the Regatta Dover jacket in various sizes and colourways. It is designed using waterproof Hydrafort polyester and a warm, soft fleece lining, making it a great choice for cold and wet adventures.

The 3-in-1 Regatta waterproof coat

Designed with adaptability in mind, Regatta’s 3-in-1 waterproof coats are the most versatile layers yet. They feature a warm inner layer and a waterproof outer, allowing you to dress for any weather type and adventure.

Regatta Professional Classic 3-in-1 Jacket

The Regatta Classic 3-in-1 jacket is perfect for year-round wear. It can be worn in three ways, offering great value for money and a flexible outdoor garment you can wear every season.

Warm weather? Wear the inner layer on its own for a light yet insulating garment. Wet weather? Wear the outer layer independently, ensuring protection from wet conditions without overheating. Or, for the worst weather types, layer the inner and outer layers together for an insulating, waterproof jacket that offers optimum performance and protection.

Our Regatta Professional Classic 3-in-1 jackets feature concealed hoods and taped inner linings, available in various sizes and colours to suit your needs. 

Regatta Professional showerproof fleeces

A Regatta showerproof fleece is a great choice if you’re searching for versatile outerwear for unpredictable, changing weather conditions. Whether hiking new trails, enjoying country walks with your dog, or running errands in town, Regatta’s fleeces will ensure you stay warm and protected at an affordable price.

Regatta Professional Broadstone Showerproof Fleece

The Broadstone showerproof fleece is designed using durable fabrics and is perfect for changing weather conditions. Wear it alone for clearer days or under a Regatta waterproof coat for wetter weather. Its water-repellent finish and practical pockets make it the perfect go-between layer for every activity.

Are Regatta jackets really waterproof?

Regatta waterproof coats and jackets are designed using the latest fabric technologies, ensuring all their jackets are waterproof, comfortable, and long-lasting. 

They feature waterproof fabrics like Isotext, Isoflex and Hydrafort, each offering additional benefits like wind resistance, breathability and extra stretch. Moreover, all Regatta’s fabrics are tested to see how much water and pressure the fabric can withstand, so you can be confident that a Regatta waterproof coat will protect you from the rain!

Regatta also offers waterproof coats with taped seams, ensuring no water can seep through. These jacket types are perfect for braving heavy downpours, offering ultimate protection without compromising comfort or ease of movement.

Regatta Professional Vintage Overhead Anorak

How to wash your Regatta waterproof jacket

Washing your Regatta waterproof coat is essential; over time, dirt, sweat, bacteria and debris can build up on your garment and reduce its performance. However, you need to take extra care when washing your Regatta waterproof coat, as using incorrect cleaning products or methods can damage its ability to protect you. 

For best results, always use a non-detergent soap when washing your Regatta waterproof coat, as synthetic and chemical detergents may damage your garment. Similarly, you should avoid using washing powders or fabric conditioners, as these can affect your coat’s breathability and remove its waterproof properties. 

Of course, the care requirements for each waterproof garment can vary, so always follow your garment’s specific care instructions for the best results, which you can find on the inner label.

Regatta Professional Apex waterproof and breathable softshell

Do I need to reproof my Regatta waterproof coat?

Regatta’s waterproof coats and jackets feature a waterproof coating and a durable water-repellent (DWR) outer layer. Over time, the DWR outer layer wears down, leading to decreased breathability and drying time. 

To get the most out of your Regatta waterproof jacket, reproof it using a waterproof spray. Reapplying the DWR layer will restore your jacket to its original quality, extending its life. 

How often should I reproof my waterproof jacket?

You should reproof your Regatta waterproof every time it is washed to ensure it maintains its performance and ability to protect you.

Regatta waterproof jackets are guaranteed to provide up to 3 years of protection. However, they can last several years longer with the right care and attention!

Shop Regatta Waterproofs at Buytshirtsonline

Affordable and versatile without compromising performance, Regatta waterproof coats and jackets are the perfect addition to any explorer’s wardrobe. 

They come in various styles, sizes, and colours and with various features to protect you from the elements. So, whether you’re an avid hiker, a keen dog walker, or just looking for extra protection outdoors, Regatta has something for you.

At Buytshirtsonline, our Regatta waterproof jacket collection is filled with styles for every adventure. So, whether you’re searching for a Regatta women’s waterproof jacket or a waterproof layer for men, we’re confident you’ll find the best jacket. We also stock Regatta waterproof trousers!

Looking for more high-quality outerwear? Shop the complete Regatta clothing collection at Buytshirtsonline, including bodywarmers, fleeces, soft shells and workwear!

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