Fruit of the Loom


The Story Behind I Heart New York

Cities, counties and countries all have marketing departments trying to attract tourists, shoppers and businesses, and there are usually adverts and PR drives to accompany each campaign. But few have been injected with the urgency of a desperate attempt to keep New York City in existence in the mid-70s. As we know, New York City is a thriving metropolis today, and banner of its campaign is one of the most recognised, copied and parodied logos in the world. Here’s a brief history of the “I Love NY” logo, which has... Read More

Fruit of the Loom Fleeces 07/10/2014

Pick Of The Fleeces

It is coming to the time of year where many businesses and organisations begin to consider uniform for the chillier months. The fleece is a classic autumn/winter garment with a wide scope for the decoration industry, including the work leisure and hospitality sectors. Gamegear Classic Fleeces Gamegear has two 280 gsm micro-fleece jackets. The KK920 Track Jacket and the KK958 Jacket offer excellent add on sales opportunities as they are styled to match existing Gamegear garments. This makes them ideal for coordinating as work uniform, as well as for use as... Read More