6 Regatta Workwear Essentials to Improve Your Work Wardrobe

Your work uniform is the most important item in your toolkit, especially if you have a high-activity job role. It must be durable and professional without compromising comfort, allowing you to complete your daily activities safely and efficiently.

However, finding affordable workwear that ticks all the boxes is no easy task, whether you’re a construction worker, electrician, builder or plumber. Thankfully, that’s where Regatta workwear comes in.

Regatta workwear is the perfect choice for outdoor professionals, with long-lasting styles to suit various industries. Here, we explore why you should choose Regatta Tactical Threads when building your work wardrobe while answering your most frequently asked questions about this UK brand.

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  1. About Regatta clothing
  2. What is Regatta Tactical Threads?
  3. 6 Regatta workwear essentials
  4. Are Regatta jackets really waterproof?
  5. Are Regatta sizes big or small?
  6. Shop Regatta Workwear at Buytshirtsonline

About Regatta Clothing

The go-to brand for outdoor adventures, Regatta is renowned for creating reliable and affordable outerwear that lasts – and their workwear range is no exception. 

Is Regatta a UK brand?

Regatta is a UK brand founded in Manchester, England, in 1981. A family-run business, Regatta began with just 12 people – a stark difference from the millions that make up the brand as we know it today.

Is Regatta a good brand?

Regatta is considered one of the best brands for affordable outdoor clothing, including waterproof coats, softshell jackets, fleeces, and professional workwear for various industries and job roles.

Their garments use premium quality fabrics that prioritise warmth, comfort and longevity, ensuring protection and comfort for every outdoor adventure!

Regatta Professional Ardmore Waterproof Shell Jacket

What is Regatta Tactical Threads?

Introduced in 2018, Tactical Threads is Regatta’s workwear range and includes Regatta work jackets, trousers, and footwear. The collection offers professional workwear for tradespeople in high-activity industries, combining high-performance designs with the latest fabric technologies to create stylish uniform solutions that last.

6 Regatta Workwear essentials

Quality trumps quantity when building an outdoor work wardrobe. Here, we cover 6 Regatta workwear essentials you can count on. 

Tactical hi-vis Regatta Work Jacket

Regatta Tactical Threads Tactical Hi-Vis Jacket

Designed using high-quality fluorescent fabrics, this Regatta work jacket is the perfect way to stay safe when working outdoors. Its reflective strips offer visibility in darkness, ensuring peak protection for construction workers, heavy equipment operators, and event security guards.

The jacket has oversized pockets to store items safely, alongside functional features like taped seams for added warmth and breathable fabrics for comfort and wearability. Featuring wind and waterproof Isotex fabric, come rain or shine, it is the perfect addition to any outdoor worker’s work wardrobe.

Heroic Regatta Work Trousers

Regatta Tactical Threads Heroic Work Trousers

With multiple leg pockets, triple stitched seams, and tear and abrasion-resistant fabric, these Regatta work trousers are workwear must-haves. Store your tools safely while keeping them close to hand, and enjoy a stylish uniform that looks just as good on the job as it does for after-work drinks.

These Heroic Regatta work trousers are durable and reliable, ensuring you can complete any workload without compromising their quality. They’re also compatible with Regatta Tactical knee pads

Regatta Incursion Work Trousers

Regatta Tactical Threads Incursion Work Trousers

Discover uniform that works as hard as you with these Incursion Regatta work trousers. Expertly designed using hardwearing and water-repellent fabrics, these work trousers offer protection from the elements while ensuring durability. 

With multiple pockets and triple-stitched seams, these Regatta work trousers are perfect for heavy-duty work days. They are comfortable without compromising toughness, offering a sleek, professional look you can count on. 

Regatta Hi-Vis Polo 

Regatta Tactical Threads Tactical Hi-Vis Polo

Designed with quick-drying, high-visibility fabrics, this stylish Regatta polo shirt is the perfect way to stay safe when working outdoors. It is lightweight and durable, perfect for days when it’s too warm for a hi-vis jacket. Moreover, its ID reflective chevrons help you stand out in low-visibility work environments.

Regatta hi-vis clothing is the pinnacle of protection, and this polo is no different. Its functional pockets offer smart storage solutions, while a unique grandad collar brings technical style to this workwear essential. 

Regatta Workwear Shorts

Regatta Tactical Threads Incursion Holster Shorts

Stay stylish when the suns out with these Regatta Incursion Holster shorts. Perfect for warmer work days, these work cargo shorts feature multiple pockets and durable fabrics, offering tradespeople a reliable uniform option that lasts. They are water-repellent, too, perfect for keeping light rain and drizzle at bay!

Regatta Tactical Hi-Vis Bomber Jacket

Regatta Workwear Tactical Threads Hi-Vis Bomber Jacket

Expertly crafted with top-quality fluorescent fabrics, this Regatta work jacket ensures peak outdoor safety. Its reflective material and technology ensure you stay visible on-site, making this bomber jacket essential for construction workers, builders, and carpenters.

The Regatta bomber jacket has various pockets to store items safely, alongside practical features like fleece lining and taped seams for added warmth. Moreover, with its wind and waterproof Isotex fabric, you can count on it to keep you warm and comfortable in harsh weather.

Are Regatta jackets really waterproof?

Regatta jackets are designed using waterproof fabrics like Isotex, ensuring their jackets are waterproof. The higher the Isotex number, the more water the jacket can withstand. Regatta also uses fabrics like Isoflex and Hydrafort, which offer benefits like wind resistance, breathability and extra stretch. 

All Regatta’s fabrics are tested to see how much water and pressure the fabric can withstand, so you can be confident that your Regatta waterproof jacket will protect you from the elements.

Regatta Professional Classic 3-in-1 Jacket

Regatta also equips their jackets with additional features like taped seams, which prevent water from seeping through. You can learn more about each Regatta jacket and its waterproof features by reading the label on your garment or by consulting the product description on our website.

Are Regatta sizes big or small?

Regatta clothing is available in various styles, cuts and fabrics, which means each garment can vary in sizing. With this in mind, you should consider the style of the garment in question, for instance, whether it is designed to be tight, loose, or oversized. 

It’s also important to consider your unique measurements to find the best fit for you. You can find more information on Regatta sizing by visiting the Regatta measuring guide.

Shop Regatta workwear at Buytshirtsonline 

Affordable and durable without compromising style or comfort, Regatta workwear Tactical Threads is a must-have for any outdoor worker.

From his-vis jackets and polos to durable Regatta work trousers with pockets, these highly efficient garments are designed to protect you as you work while enduring high-activity tasks. So, whether you’re a construction worker, builder, plumber, or just looking for extra protection on-site, Regatta Tactical Threads has something for you.

At Buytshirtsonline, our Regatta workwear collection is filled with professional designs for various industries. Shop the complete Tactical Threads collection today, or for more standout styles for weekend adventures, including fleeces and softshell jackets, discover Regatta Professional.

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