Why Gildan t-shirts are the best choice for your brand or business 

They may be humble garments, but t-shirts yield great power when it comes to brand representation. They are the masters of great first impressions, creating a face to your business that customers can connect with. They also encourage team performance and promote staff morale, so choosing the right t-shirt style for your needs is important.

Buytshirtsonline is home to a variety of high-quality wholesale clothing brands. However, when it comes to the best custom t-shirts for brands and events, Gildan t-shirts are hard to beat.

Below, we’ve covered everything you need to know about Gildan t-shirts, including an in-depth review of Gildan’s t-shirt quality and why they’re the best custom t-shirt style for printing. 

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Table of contents

  1. About Gildan 
  2. Are Gildan t-shirts good quality?
  3. Do Gildan white t-shirts shrink?
  4. What is the difference in Gildan shirts?
  5. Is Gildan heavy cotton or ultra cotton better?
  6. Can you print on Gildan t-shirts?
  7. Shop Gildan t-shirts at Buytshirtsonline

About Gildan 

With over 38 years of experience, Gildan is a leading manufacturer of wholesale garments. It is renowned for skilfully crafting fashionable wardrobe basics, using high-quality materials and fabrics to ensure a bespoke, professional finish. 

When you shop Gildan clothing, you can be confident that you are shopping sustainably, from source to finished product, raw materials to communities. Gildan proudly holds itself to high standards, ensuring every point of the production chain is sustainable. 

At Buytshirtsonline, we stock various wholesale Gildan clothing collections, including Gildan t-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies in various cuts and colours. Designed using super-soft fabrics that are as stylish as long-lasting, these garments provide the perfect base for custom designs and t-shirt printing.

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Are Gildan t-shirts good quality?

Gildan t-shirts are expertly crafted using premium cotton and polycotton blends, offering super-soft, well-fitting t-shirt styles that are stylish and long-lasting.

With its breathability, softness, and durability, cotton is widely acknowledged as one of the best fabrics for t-shirts. With this in mind, though Gildan t-shirts have a low-price point, their quality is anything but, and you can count on Gildan t-shirts to be high-quality wardrobe staples suitable for various occasions and events.

Moreover, many of Gildan’s t-shirt styles are created using ring-spun cotton for additional softness, stretch, and strength, providing the perfect surface for your custom t-shirt designs and prints.

Do Gildan white t-shirts shrink?

The materials used to create Gildan t-shirts are pre-shrunk, meaning the fabrics are washed and dried before sewn. This ensures that Gildan t-shirts will not shrink or become unwearable, even after multiple washes, making them an optimal choice for staff uniforms and t-shirts designed to be worn for long periods.

Whether you opt for a classic black or white Gildan t-shirt or something more colourful, you can be confident you are investing in high-quality t-shirt styles that last. 

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What is the difference in Gildan shirts?

Gildan creates t-shirt styles to suit a wide range of events and occasions, and the best style for you depends on your and your brand’s needs. Do you want a slim-fit t-shirt to create a bespoke look for your sports event or a shrink-resistant design that will withstand the rigorous demands of the hospitality industry, enduring multiple washes without losing quality?

Every Gildan t-shirt style offers different strengths and features, so it’s important to do your research before choosing the best t-shirt for your brand or business. 

Below, we’ve covered three of the best Gildan t-shirt styles for brands and businesses. 

Gildan Heavy Cotton™ t-shirts

Gildan’s Heavy Cotton t-shirts are created using 100% cotton, featuring pre-shrunk fabrics for long-lasting style and comfort. They have a durable feel and aren’t see-through, making them the perfect choice for professional brand and business t-shirts.  

Despite their name, Heavy Cotton Gildan t-shirts are light to wear and feature a sturdy surface. With this in mind, they hold printing and embroidery designs perfectly, ensuring you can showcase your brand professionally without fear of fading or splitting prints. 

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Gildan Heavy Cotton™ T-Shirt

Gildan Ultra Cotton™ t-shirts

Like Heavy Cotton t-shirts, Gildan’s Ultra Cotton t-shirts are designed using 100% cotton. They are one of the weightiest t-shirt styles Gildan offers, featuring a super-soft yet weighty feel that sits luxuriously against the skin. 

Due to their heavy make-up, Ultra Cotton t-shirts are a great choice for those who want to avoid see-through t-shirt styles and provide a durable surface that will hold any custom design for the long haul. 

What’s more, many of Gildan’s Ultra Cotton tee’s feature tearaway tags which can easily be removed, allowing businesses to create fully custom t-shirt designs that are unique to their brand.

Black wholesale Gildan t-shirt

Gildan Ultra Cotton™ adult t-shirt

Gildan Softstyle™ t-shirts

As the name suggests, Gildan Softstyle t-shirts are designed with comfort in mind, featuring super-soft, ring-spun cotton that is luxurious to the touch without compromising durability.  

With their high-stitch density and pre-shrunk fabric, these Gildan t-shirts are one of the best choices for brands and businesses. They offer a super-soft touch that wearers love and feature pre-shrunk fabric, ensuring custom prints and embroidery stay put. 

Navy blue plain Gildan t-shirt

GILDAN Softstyle® adult EZ print t-shirt

All Gildan t-shirts come in a vast choice of colours, from classic black and white to vivid reds and light blues! So, whether you’re looking for the perfect brand t-shirt to suit your cafe, sports team, or corporate event, you’ll easily find something to suit your needs.

Is Gildan Heavy Cotton or Ultra Cotton better?

Gildan Heavy Cotton and Ultra Cotton t-shirts offer durability, style, and comfort. So, which one should you choose to represent your business?

Ultra Cotton Gildan t-shirts are a weightier option, featuring a thick cotton make-up. They are also slightly softer than Heavy Cotton t-shirts, as the fabric they are designed with is spun tighter. With this in mind, your best choice depends on your needs.

Both t-shirt styles are great for custom designs and prints, offering a sturdy surface that is shrink and fade-resistant and will maintain its quality wash after wash.

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Can you print on Gildan t-shirts?

All Gildan t-shirts are expertly designed using premium fabrics and fabric blends, making Gildan t-shirts the perfect choice for t-shirt printing and embroidery

Their high-quality base offers long-lasting style and comfort, whilst their shrink-resistant qualities ensure your custom design will withstand multiple washes, staying sleek and professional even after lots of wear. 

At Buytshirtsonline, we offer professional t-shirt printing to suit various events, occasions and businesses, so whether you’re searching for the perfect hospitality t-shirts to kit out your team or personalised beauty t-shirts to showcase your salon, we’ve got you covered with high-quality, sleek styles that are designed to stand out.

Want to know more? Simply fill out a quote form to learn more about personalising your Gildan t-shirt with a custom logo, print, or design.

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Shop Gildan t-shirts at Buytshirtsonline

Combining style and quality with comfort and durability, Gildan t-shirts are one of the best t-shirt styles for brands and businesses. 

They are designed using super-soft fabrics, ensuring long-lasting comfort that does not compromise professionalism. Moreover, they provide the perfect base for custom designs, logos and prints, ensuring you can represent your brand professionally whilst ensuring staff look, feel, and perform at their best.

At Buytshirtsonline, we stock Gildan t-shirts to suit every brand, event and occasion. So, whether you’re searching for classic crew necks to promote your sports event or long-sleeve designs to layer under an apron, you’ll find a style to suit your needs in our extensive collection!

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